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Positive Thinking
How to
take control
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Agony Aunt Questions

  Aggressive Behaviour  
  Before you judge me  
  He comes to practise  
  I want the world to stop  
  I don't know what to do  
  He's been seeing someone else  
  Easy as A, B, C  
  I feel very guilty  
  I was close to suicide  
  I'll try and keep this short  
  I just can't help myself  
  More than friends  
  I heard rumours  
  Love is...  
  She wants to be friends  
  It's against the law...  
  I met an old flame  
  Flashes parts of her anatomy  
  Dirty stinking socks  
  Why should I hang around with them  
  I still loved my boyfriend  
  I was not raised in panties  
  Be reasonable Mum  
  I'm just really confused  
  I don't know what to do  
  My worklife is too stressful  
  I don't want to get married  
  Older woman scenario  
  She hasn't spoken to me since  
  I'm scared that she wont stop  
  Boy problem  
  Before you judge me  
  Usually 2 or 4 times a week  
  Just say NO!!!  


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