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Boy Problem!


Hi i'm a 17 year old student at school and please can you help me solve my problem. you see it started all on the 24th september 1999. i went to the temple on this day and i met this lad. i liked him but i didn't know whether he liked me. well i made friends with him on the 27th sept 99 and since then we have been very good friends and we have stayed in contacts. well i have just recently moved house and i have found out that the lad i like lives in flats opposite me.

Well on the 4th of january 2000 he came over to my house and we talked like normal friends would and then we ran out of things to say and then he made it pretty obvious that he wanted to say something but he didn't because my brother and sister were there and they are young. So just before he left my house i said bye to him and he said to me is that al so i asked him what else shall i say so i said ok seeya and takecare and seeya soon.

After that he said to me why don't you come over to my place tommorrow so thats what i did so on wed 5th jan 2000 i went over to his house. i didn't take my brother coz i knew this was the perfect chance coz his mum was out and his brother had gone to school. so i went to his house, listen to a bit of music and then he came and sat down next to me and told me that he did have a crush on me the first day he saw me and then he told me that he still does like me. so i told him that i liked him to and then he asked me and now so i said to him that i still like him now.

Then he said that if i ask you out now would you go out with me so i said yes and then he said WILL YOU THEN so i said yes. Then he made the first move. He tried to kiss me on the lips, i even let him but i just couldn't because it was my first time i was kissing a lad on the lips. so after that we just stayed in contacts then on the following week he told me that he didn't like me and that he liked someone else.So i just wished him goodluck.

He just fell in luv with that las and he didn't know that it even was goin to happen. so since then we have been very good friends again and the reason why he dumped me is because he knew i wouldn't be able to see him that much so there was no chance of our relationship working. so on the same week he sent me a text message saying that we might have a chance don't know.

So yesterday we went to hios house to ask if his mum would babysit my brother and sister and she said yeah and the other thing is that i catch the bus from the same stop as him. Well he sent me a message yesterday night asking what time i set off in the morning and i told him and then he told me that he had aplan on how we can see each other.

The problem is that i like that lad very much and even though he has dumped me i still do like him. The only thing is that i don't know if he still likes me or not and that we are just a very very close friend. i keep thinking that he does like me but i'm not sure. we are a very good friends but now that we will see each other more often he might start liking me again. i don't know i'm just confused so please help me and tell me what i should do because he doesn't know yet that i still like him and that i treat him more that a very close friend.

B. M

Dear B.M.

Don't let this lad mess you about as I seem to get the impression that he is! Is he of the culture as you? If he is he's not being very respectful about your feelings, I bet you feel like a yo-yo.

Tell him straight that you have feelings for him of the romantic kind , that you want to go out with him on a date, as that's how you feel. Does he feel the exact same? ask him outright! If he does then great, have a great time, going out together but remember you have the right not to be messed about! you sound like avery nice girl, a bit unsure and inexperienced too so don't be too vulnerable or he may take advantage of you, and you will get very hurt emotionally by him. Not a very nice feeling!

If he doesn't feel romantically about you, then move on, either reside to be just friends (remembering that he may go out with someone else and that could hurt too) or part company and mix with others you will find someone for you eventually out there! he may just be a passing ship, but there's lots of other boats out there that will return your genuine affection.Have some self respect and find out if he feels the same.

Best of luck