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I work in a busy sales office, where I am on the phone from 9am 'til 5pm,

I am beginning to feel really washed out and drained, not only from work but from colleagues around me.

I've always been very well presented, dressed, etc. and sometimes the other girls pick on me for this, they come to work in dressed plainly wear no make up etc.

I have always stick up for myself, and then they back off, when it comes round to Christmas they never invite me to the local for a drink on Christmas eve. I dread Christmas every year as I know I won't be going out like them.

I have always had high self esteem, and am quite popular with other members of staff in other departments, and wondered if this was the problem. So I stopped talking to other people to get more attention from my colleagues and this hasn't worked.

What am I doing wrong? as I get up each morning I feel sick thinking of working in the office with them.

please help, I need advice.

Regards, Anna. Leeds. 29


Dear Anna,

Thank you for your letter, you don't know how common a problem yours is!

It sounds to me like these others in your office are slightly jealous of you, your personality, looks and popularity at work.

Please don't let them take away your self esteem as this is what they haven't got ! be Brave, be Proud of who you are and what you do, don't show them you're intimidated of them, because that's how they win.

Be yourself, smile and do your job that's what matters here, they are obviously trying to push you out because your are what they are not.

Keep your chin up, and get on with your work the people that matter are the ones who do like you for yourself and if you get on with other departments what's to stop you asking if you can go along too.? Or better still arrange a Christmas evening of say Bowling or another activity and then you can decide who goes and who doesn't.

You have a lot to give, so give it to the right people.