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I was not raised in panties

When I was young 4 or 5, I spent a lot of time at my grandparents because both of my parents worked. Two of my aunts were still living at home then. I used to look through their drawers and laundry baskets for their panties. I was caught more than once, I think that they just found it amusing. I always preferred nylon panties. At this age I find it hard to believe that it was a sexual thing and I cant remember why it started.

I was not raised in panties; the idea of my parents finding out is humiliating. I have worn panties off and on all my life. Its really always been a part of me, although there have been times when it has not been practical to wear panties. E.g. When I was in the Navy! I have always taken or borrowed underwear from a number of aunts, girlfriends or indeed any unsuspecting female whos house I maybe in. Im now 35, for the last 10 or so years I have bought my own.

I wear panties everyday. This came about after I went for counselling about my desire for ladies panties. I did not like what I heard. After the session I went back home and talked to my wife. She knows I like to wear panties, I said that I would always wear panties and stop playing at it. Since then, which is around 2 years ago I have always worn panties apart from a couple of occasions. I even feel jealous of women when I wear mens underwear.

At the moment I am just trying to accept that I wear ladies panties, but it is hard to ignore it. I feel that it is an obsession, I have given up trying not to wear them, it seems easier to wear them all of the time and to be careful about not getting caught as opposed to planning when I will wear panties.

Is it possible for me to wear panties all of the time and be able to control my feelings it so that it is

not an obsession?


Dear Michael,

First of all, do you feel confident wearing Ladies underwear? Does it make you feel good, attractive, cheeky and daring? It is an obsession but at least its a clean obsession.

Some people either don't wear any at all, or wear the same panties for days on end.!! If so, good for you, why shouldn't you wear them! they are comfortable. Who else but your wife will see them anyway and If your wife knows about it and feels it's OK with her, that's your bonus!!

You say you like nylon panties, well why not try, cotton, silk, lace, whatever takes your fancy really, go to one of the major high street stores take your wife along with you and have a look at the vast selection of ladies panties, you can see that they do resemble today's men's briefs too, no 'Y' fronts etc., why not buy a pair of men's briefs you can probably get them in various colours and fabrics too, and just see how they resemble ladies briefs, then gradually you can revert back to men's underwear rather than ladies. If you prefer ladies panties after a trial period, then at least your hygienic, you could be someone who doesn't wear any at all!!

Good Luck