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I don't know what to do!

Hi Caroline

I need help Theres this really popular girl at school and everybody really likes her. Some of my very close old friends have been telling me she is always talking about me behind my back and I don't know what to do!

The past week I've been giving her dirty looks. I went out at the weekend with one of her best friends and we had a good time. When I went in on Monday the girl I went out with had told the very popular girl I had been saying things about her. She came up to me in front of everyone and basically had a go at me, the girl I went out with at the weekends not speeking to me either. the fact is I havent done anything wrong. Helen 13

Hi Helen,

Boy you must be pretty special! probably better than the POPULAR girl!!! Why is she popular anyway? what's so good about her? Stop giving her dirty looks and I think that you should go up to HER and tell her that her friends been saying nasty things about her to you, you both went out and she said nasty things, then turn around to her friend and say how do you like it when someone lies about you? It's not nice is it? say it to her face, in front of all to see and hear!!! then walk away head up high and with a swing in your step.

Keep thinking to yourself whilst walking away "I can be a bitch too"!! and then watch everyone respect you for sticking up for yourself. Don't let her get away with it anymore.

Good luck Helen, it will take courage, but you do have it in you!!!!