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She just wants to be friends!!

Dear Caroline

I am 16 and have liked this girl since November. She used to like me years ago but i brushed it off, I wasn't ready at that time. However, I began to like her recently, and i thought she lked me, turns out she is normally like that. But we were good friends and after she found out it really damadged our relationship. and having plucked the courage to ask her recently, she rejected and said she just wanted to be friends. I know that's it and i should accept that for whatever reasons she rejected me, she does just and only want to be friends but I am finding it so hard to accept this, can you help

Dear Reader,

There are plenty more fish in the sea!

This girl has had her feelings hurt in the past, she approached you and you turned her down. Now you realise that you really want to get to know her again on a one to one basis and she turned you down!

If she says she just wants to be friends so be it! be her friend, and show her that you can have a platonic relationship with her, she may like or dislike it, either way it's a good way of really finding out what she's playing at.

Don't let her play games with your feelings. Find someone who is trustworthy (there's lots of girls out there, just make sure she's the same age as you.) some one who will benefit from what you have to offer her, remember be respectful.

If your 'friend' starts to show you some attention, tell her that she suggested you stay as friends only, and she should make up her mind what she really wants, as you don't want to waste your energy on games. You may find that your feelings are still there for your 'friend' and you must then make up your own mind what you are going to do about it and who you want to be with.

Once you've made a decision stick to it.