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I met an old flame

Hello Caroline,

I need to say something to someone, I found out about you so here go's. I got engaged to the woman of my dreams in March, we met in Austrailia, I was on holiday and she lives there. We got engaged and then I returned back to England. She is to join me later in the year when she finishes her studies. I love her more than anything in this world.

When I got back I really missed her and still do. last week I met an old flame who I had not seen for ages, we went out for dinner and had a great time, we ended up back at mine and ended up sleeping together, when i woke up I felt so guilty and I still do. What do I do. about telling my fiance about this and about feeling guilty ?Please any advice would be greatly appreciated.




Dear John,

(My god somebobys heard of me, fame at last!!)

Extinguish your old flame immediately and put your match back in your pocket!

You say that you've met and have got engaged to the woman of your dreams, don't turn it into a nightmare.

Good women are hard to find these days, don't let her go, hold on to her. You certainly shouldn't tell her about your little encounter with a previous lover!

So, you've made a mistake, nobody's perfect, what you can do is change the situation,

Look upon it a s an experience, a lesson, a good hard shake of reality, and think to yourself I won't do that again, I've too much to lose. Do you really want to jeopardise, your beautiful woman, your career, your self esteem, your self respect, the list is endless.

It's up to you. Life is not easy for anyone and any lesson we learn along the way can only be benevolent to our future happiness.

Love your fiancee, look after her, respect her and understand her, don't blow it!

All the best for your future, and remember keep it in your trousers!!