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LOVE IS ! ...

Dear Caroline

I am of the tender age of 14, and have fallen in love with this girl.

I know her well, and am in many lessons with her at school. The thing is she likes me too - but she is in an obsessive state about this other boy. Last night, she came out, after having been rejected by this boy, and we had a really good time. This was in a group of friends, so it was not a date of any kind. Anyway, I walked her home, said goodbye, but everyone is noticing how much I love her. I would tell her, but I'm afraid it would make her feel different around me if she knew, and I know Id feel different about her knowing she knew.

What should I do?

P.S. could you e-mail the request back to me

Hello I tried Emailing the reply back to you but the address you gave me was no good so I have put it on the site with no name. Please get back in touch when you have read it and I will remove it from the page


Dear B,

I'm sure that you've heard that expression sometime. What your going through is a very normal stepping stone and your having real feelings for this girl, nothing to be worried about, however your'e still young, at 14 this is what we call puppy love, or maybe your first love. We've all been through it, yes even me! and a lot of others I know!!

Your best option is to keep up your friendship with the close group of friends that you both seem to be hanging around with, you can still see her, talk to her and have a fun time in a group atmosphere, this is a great environment for you both, and the best environment for you too, as long as you are not going to places that you shouldn't be going to. Or doing things that you shouldn't be doing. You really shouldn't be thinking of a one to one relationship with a girl at this point in your life, you should be having fun with your friends.

At 14 the place to be is with your friends right now, and you should also be studying for your exams if you have any coming up, (girls like intelligence!) you'll find out when you get older.

You could get your parents permission and ask friends around to study at your house, and all study together, then get a takeaway together.

All this may not seem like the answer you're looking for now, but you will find that as the years go by and you become more intelligent, mature, and most importantly adult, you will find that all the experiences of your growing up will benefit you , and the right time will come along with the right girl, and it might be her.

But please wait until you're at an age where you have fulfilled your ambitions and education and have happy memories of fun times with all your friends.

Good Luck,