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Older Woman Scenario!

Hi Caroline,

I hope you can help me with this problem. I have been friends with this woman since late '97. We danced one night and although I wanted to take it further at the time, she was with a friend of mine, so I didn't. Recently, we were out in the same club, and I told her how I felt.

The problem is she is 16 years older than me. I'm 22. She has 2 children in their teens and she is single. I really like her, and told her so last week. She said that she feels the same way, but we are afraid of what the other people in our community will think. It's quite a small town. This is the first person I have really intensely liked a lot and although I'm a shy person at heart, I bit the bullet and told her. I couldn't believe it when she told me she felt the same way! I said that I didn't want to lose our friendship and what we had already.

Anyway my question is should I continue with this relationship or should I save the friendship we have already?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Dear Daniel,

Forget about what other people may say or think its your life!


Age doesn't really matter at all you know!! And if she's like many of the other older woman going out with younger men then she probably looks good for her age. You do what you feel, that's nobodies business or concern, and if the y make remarks say Mind your own business!!!!!

Lots of Luck to you both