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Why should I hang around with them?

Dear Caroline,

This may seem like a bit of a minor problem to you. At school I am part of a group of girls, all of us are friends but I can't help feeling left out. It's always like they are better than me if you know what I mean. I do like them but if they don't like me then why should I hang around with them? I can't confront them because I have no reason to say they are being horrible, it's just the feeling I get. I'd like to try and find new friends maybe but don't know who or how. I don't want to carry on because I want to feel part of a group not at the bottom of it.

Please help if you can.

Lindsay (age 14)


Dear Lindsay,

You are not alone, there are a lot of girls and boys that go through the same kind of phase, You're not looking at how you see yourself, look at all your good points, achievements goals and learn to like yourself a little bit more, then you can and will feel confident about yourself. Others will like you too, but you must learn to like yourself too.

These girls are your friends and you have just lost a little confidence that's all, they are no better than you or worse than you, in fact I bet they all think the same as you.

Go and join a local club in the area, basketball for girls, see your local leisure centre for more details times, dates etc.

Get yourself a Saturday job at the local shops, a couple of hours on a Saturday will do wonders for your confidence and you purse too.

Feel good and you will look good.

Lots of luck,