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She hasn't spoken to me since!

Dear Caroline,

I hope you can offer me some advice on my problem. Here is the story:

1. I became friends with with this girl.

2. I started to fall in love with her.

3. Just before christmas she split up with her boyfriend.

4. I sent her a valentine card this year.

5. She hasn't spoken to me since and is avoiding me.

6. And now she is back with her Boyfriend.

7. I've tried to speak to her without pushing it to much and her and my friends are trying to help me but I need some professional help.


Dear Alan,

I really think you should try focusing on something else or maybe someone else, sorry to sound blunt but I really think she is not the one for you, however much you like her, or even think you love her, if she doesn't feel the same then you cant make anybody fall in love with you.

It was very brave of you to send her a valentine card though as most men who like someone will not even bother, your a man. ( Im not sure how old you are) and you really have what I would call good intentions and a great attitude towards a girl and how to woo her!!! its a shame she's back with her boyfriend cos you're a real catch!! Too bad for her really!!! you've got a lot to offer so don't waste it on someone who is not interested on you, there's alot of girls out there single, gorgeous, and probably just your age!!! waiting for someone just like you!!!get out there and find that girl who deserves you.

Remember treat someone the way they treat you and one day you'll find that right girl who truly deserves your attention. If you find someone else the girl you think you're in love with may have second thoughts, then the ball is in your court!!!!! you can then decide do you still feel the same about her? if so then take it from there, if not at least you've not missed out, and you can decide whatever you want. and go out with whoever you want.

Best of luck,