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Having a sense of home is the key to becoming a world champion

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Up and coming sports stars could learn a thing or two from Morecambe’s most famous resident, Tyson Fury. The towering heavyweight boxer who stands close to seven feet tall has come a long way since once being a premature baby 33 years ago. Indeed, from humble beginnings initially, Fury has ended up circumnavigating the globe in his quest to become the greatest boxer of all time, but despite all of this, he has never forgotten where home is. 

Indeed, if you’re looking for Fury you will find him in a £550,000 house in Morecambe where he lives with his young family.

The seaside town is where the boxer who has an estimated fortune of well over £100 million feels happiest, and he’s recently stated that he will never leave in search of better weather or fame. The straight-talking Fury said:  “why would I abandon my own country for a bit of money and some fame?

“I love it. I would never leave Morecambe. It’s true beauty. If the weather was better, every house here would be a million quid.”

You have to hand it to Fury, he does sell the dream of living in Morecambe like no one else could but he certainly has a point. With an award-winning promenade and sweeping views across the exquisite bay, it could be anywhere in the world when the weather plays ball. 

Come rain or shine though, Fury is in it for the long haul and you have to conclude that his strong sense of home has ultimately helped ground him in his bid to become the greatest. We’ve already seen him win the WBC championship when he beat Deonty Wilder in 2020, and he stands on the edge of greatness with only Anthony Joshua left to beat before his case for being the best boxer of any generation can be officially made. Undoubtedly, knowing that he had a quiet home to return to over the last few years has seen Fury cope with the pressures of attaining this goal. 

Indeed, there is something to be said for familiar surroundings and being at peace with one’s self. Intriguingly, we recently saw another example of this longing for home amidst the bright lights of professional sport – albeit 280 miles away from Morecambe – when tennis phenomenon Emma Raducanu returned to her parent’s home in Bromley after sensationally winning the US Open in New York.

To get a better idea of how unusual this was, one needs to keep in mind that the 18-year-old is the hottest property in world tennis right now and is just 7/1 in tennis betting to win the 2022 Australian Open. For all intents and purposes, Raducanu will be the biggest name in the sport over the next twenty years but it too seems as though she knows where home is as well. 

Humorously, the 18-year-old was so blase about the $2.5 million prize money she received that she said her parents could ‘take care’ of it. Another strong indicator is that Raducanu intends on keeping her circle tight and her surroundings familiar as she makes her way through a career that is set to reward in abundance.

With the stories of Tyson Fury and Emma Raducanu in mind, it does feel like you can draw a line between having a sense of home and becoming a world champion. These British athletes are a shining example to the rest of the world.

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