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Looking for my Uncle – Walter, Chodacki

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Can you help put the pieces of this puzzle together and help an expat from NY possibly find family in the Morecambe area? Visit this message in the forums, to help out…

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Hello my name is Chris and I live in NY. (USA)
The picture is a photo of my uncle and his wife and child. Back of the photo says 5/9/1959, Morecambe. and watermark says ilford. This is all I know about him and the fact that he moved from Poland to England. My mom now 87 does not remember more. He only wrote once or twice . He could have been just visiting as I see Morecambe to be by the shore or he actually lived there. His name was Walter(possibly used a Polish version) Chodacki (now deceased).  Maybe someone here might recognize or know of his family. I imagine the children might be close to my age (62). Possibly a bit younger. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also have a photo of his funeral that was sent to us. Maybe someone might recognize the church.  Also another photo on the back says BJ Clegg, Buttermere, Morecambe, Proof Only. Was there a photography shop by that name maybe. Please contact me at cconway at frontiernet dot net  Thank you.

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    May 23, 2009 - 8:58 pm

    we were living toghether in venezuela because we were married, we became divorse and she left to Morecambe, but I would like to know about her. I still have something to tell her very important for both I never had the chance to do it because I lost contact. All these happened 23 years ago

  • christine chodacki

    March 15, 2010 - 9:08 pm

    in reply to the forum “looking for my uncle” i recognized the photo. My name is christine and i am the little girl that is on my father’s knee with my mother at morecambe. the photo of the funeral was my dad’s. his name is Wladyslaw Chodacki, born in poland and lived in morecambe. he moved to Bolton, lancaster. he died on September 14 1972. the other photo is my mother with me on the left and my sister halina on the right. hoping to have been helpful. it was a shock for me finding online a photo of my dad because he never told us a lot of his family. bye for now

  • Peter

    February 7, 2012 - 12:30 am

    sorry i do not know anyone in the photo, but i know the photo was taken in Victoria Street outside some holiday BB not to far from the old fairground.

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