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Presenting Yourself as Professional When You’re Freelance

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Being self-employed can offer you a lot of freedom in many ways, but it can also prove to be more challenging than working for someone else. You must work harder at promoting your services and convincing clients to take a chance on you, rather than other more established freelancers or companies offering similar services. You will not have the benefit of paid leave, or even the same income each month, as this can fluctuate depending on your work. This is why it is so important to make sure that you are presenting yourself as a professional that customers can trust and rely on, and here are some tips to help you do this. 

Have a Business Website

Most people search online when they are looking for products and services, and this is why all businesses and freelancers need to make sure that they have an online presence if they want to be discovered. You should begin by creating a business website that will give potential clients more information about who you are and the services you provide. You can also include price lists, contact information, and even a portfolio of your work, if this is appropriate for what you do. You should also share testimonials from previous customers to help promote your work. 

Use the Right Social Media Platforms

As well as having a business website, you should also make sure you are using the necessary social media platforms to increase awareness of your brand as a freelancer. Create separate accounts for your professional business and set your personal ones to private to limit who can access these. Doing this will help you keep your professional dealings separate from personal affairs. Social media can also be an excellent way to engage with your customers more efficiently and is a cheap way of marketing your services.

Have an Official Business Address

If you are incorporating a company, you will need to provide Companies House and HMRC with an address for that business. While this address can be your home address if you work from your house, having a different address for your freelance business might be more beneficial. This can help to make your work as a freelance look more serious, and you might even find that using a separate workspace can help you focus and stay productive. You can also look at virtual office rental if this will work better for you.

Take Pride in Your Appearance

Whether you are having a meeting with a client over Zoom or in person, you want to make the right impression. Taking some pride in your appearance and presenting yourself professionally will be important. You don’t necessarily have to wear office attire, but you should make sure your clothes are clean, smart, and presentable. If you are hosting a meeting over Zoom or other video-chat platforms, make sure that the space around you is tidy – no one needs to see personal items in your home or last night’s dinner dishes left on the side! 

If you want to make sure you are taken seriously as a freelancer, use these tips to help you make sure you are professionally presenting yourself.

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