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Why Choose a Gastro Pub?

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When we go out to eat these days, we have so much choice that we never had in the past. We have been opened up to the world, and this means we have some fabulous choices when it comes to the cuisine we eat. 

At the same time though, the classic British pub has been going through hard times. Profits from drink sales have been squeezed, and we’ve seen thousands of village pubs closing. However, our love of eating out is still strong and many pubs have reinvented themselves from the local boozer into high-quality gastro pubs. 

These gastro pubs aim to blend the best of both worlds, with the fine food of a top restaurant and the rich culture of the British pub.

So, what can the gastro pubs offer you, and why should you choose to dine at one?

Culture and Community

There’s so much history in local pubs. These buildings have been at the centre of their communities for centuries in some cases, and you can feel it when you walk into many of them. 

While the interiors might have changed many times over, there’s still that felling you’re in a place of importance and a place of joy. When you go to a gastro pub, you’re helping to ensure that history, culture and community continues to thrive, and as you’ll also find, the food isn’t bad either!

Top Class Food

In the past, pubs might not have been associated with the best food, but those times are long gone. Today’s gastro pubs offer up some of the best food out there. While you walk the high street and see chain restaurant after chain restaurant, there are many gastro pubs serving high-quality and individualistic food. 

Just like, each pub has its own unique character, which shows in its amazing food and drink offerings. From Sunday lunches to amazing seafood, these gastro pubs use the freshest local ingredients to enhance your experience. 


They may be serving top class food now, but these gastro pubs are still pubs at heart, which means you’ve got atmosphere. The open fire, traditional setting, friendly service and merry locals are all there to create an atmosphere that few dining establishments can match. 

These pubs are still central for their communities, so you can experience the vibrance of local life whilst getting food to rival big city restaurants. There’s a reason why famous chefs such as Tom Kerridge are such advocates of pub food – it’s because when done well, it’s hard to beat. 

Friendly Service

It’s amazing the effect a good server can have on your experience. Gastro pubs are very experience-oriented, and for many people, it’s the server that makes the experience. 

Gastro pubs offer amazing food and drink in a relaxed, homely atmosphere that immediately puts you at ease. You don’t have to worry about which fork to use, just tuck in and enjoy while your server takes care of the details for you. 

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