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Private White V.C. – Made in Manchester

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Just over the Pennines, in 1896, a genuine northern hero and true English gentleman was born in Jack White – a man who was only eighteen years of age when he shipped off to Gallipoli with the King’s Own Royal Regiment, coming out of Lancaster.

Jack and fellow V.C. recipients

Private White fought bravely as the combined English and French forces failed to capture what was then Constantinople – this did not stop White from being awarded the Victoria Cross for his service in the struggles, as he saved many lives towing his injured countrymen back to shore after they came under heavy gunfire.

Jack White continued to serve for another year until the war was over in 1918, at which point he returned to Manchester. Working as a pattern cutter in a factory; first as a trainee, and eventually as a general manager; he sadly passed away in 1949.

White lives on in that very factory though, in the heart of Manchester. His great-grandchildren have owned the building since 1997, where they manufacture the designer menswear that bears his name.

Private Jack White V.C.’s invitation to Buckingham Place

The Private White V.C. company stays true to Jack’s roots, using only locally sourced materials of the highest quality to make their designer jacket collection and other garments. The company takes its inspiration from the vintage and military style that Jack himself would have worn, after amassing over 5000 pieces of vintage clothing, in what is surely the largest collection of its kind. Some of it dates back to the 1920s, and the vast majority was produced in the Manchester factory in which it resides.

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