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6 Diet Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

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Opting for a healthier lifestyle and eating pattern is a commendable decision, yet it can be tricky for those unaccustomed to being strict on themselves. However, by following the handy tips listed here, you’ll be well on your way to diet success.

1. Embrace Home Cooking 

By cooking your own meals from scratch as opposed to eating out or buying ready-made meals, you’re ensuring that every ingredient is a healthy one. Home cooking means you have complete control over your eating habits and diet plan. It’s a good idea to research healthy recipes with a weight-loss focus to ensure that you’re not compromising on taste and appetising meal choices. It’s best to look for organic ingredients, including natural oil extracts as provided by Hemplix.

2. Don’t Discount Walking 

A lot of people don’t consider walking as one of the most beneficial exercises when planning to lose weight. Where it’s important to have a varied routine tailored to your weight and diet plans, walking is one of the simplest and most effective ways to burn calories, without having to suffer a rigorous exercise routine and spend time cooped up in a gym. 

The UK is home to many beautiful places to take a stroll, whether it’s the countryside or along its many coastlines, including Morecambe Bay, so there’s really no excuse not to put on your walking shoes and take in some fresh air.

3. Avoid Added Sugar

Losing weight isn’t just about focusing on healthy foods which aid weight loss, but also about avoiding damaging ingredients such as high-sugar content. Not only does a high volume of sugar result in weight gain, but it can also have long term health consequences such as heart disease. Avoiding added sugar counts for your beverage intake, too, such as fizzy soda and overly acidic fruit juices.

Ensure that you read all nutrition labels thoroughly, as foods that are marketed as organic may still have a high sugar content. 

4. Concentrate on What You’re Eating During Mealtimes 

Most people opt for a meal eaten in front of the TV, while trying to catch up with work or while scrolling through their smartphone. While busy lifestyles often mean you’re eating quickly wherever you can, it’s important to minimise distractions when eating if you’re serious about losing weight. Opting to eat a meal at the table instead of in front of the TV, for example, means you can concentrate more on healthy digestion and portion sizes instead of rushing your meal or overeating when distracted.

5. Always Make a Shopping List and Stick to It 

Plan your meals and shopping list in advance so that you don’t be tempted to buy more than you need or items that aren’t within your diet plan. This avoids the risk of buying unhealthy foods impulsively.

To allow yourself to be less tempted, try and go shopping after a meal or when you’re least hungry, as viewing fully-stocked shelves on an empty stomach won’t help!

6. Don’t Be Too Strict on Yourself 

You can still lose weight while treating yourself every now and again – in fact, it’s encouraged in order to avoid increased temptation and the risk of binging. By incorporating ‘forbidden’ foods every now and again in your diet, you will resent your healthy diet plan less and know that you can still look forward to a treat if you stick to your healthy eating regime. 

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