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Why you need a conveyancing solicitor to sell your home

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If you have made the decision to sell your house and look for your dream home in your dream area, be prepared for a stressful – but exciting – time. From assessing a property for flaws, to signing a contract you don’t fully understand, to organising removals, selling your home and moving elsewhere involves many vastly different tasks that might leave you feeling overwhelmed. Hiring a conveyancing solicitor to guide you through the legal process of selling your home will relieve a lot of that stress from your shoulders. Here is why you need a conveyancing solicitor to sell your home.

They can guide you through complicated legal paperwork

Life doesn’t stop just because you are selling your house. You still have a full-time job to work, kids to get to and from school and various other commitments that have to be completed, all whilst organising house viewings and other tasks involved in moving house. Understandably, you might not have the time to dedicate to reading a long contract and trying to decipher complicated legal jargon, the result being that you might unwittingly sign up to a contract that is not in your best interests. A conveyancing solicitor has the expertise and knowledge to read a legal document and explain its information to you in layman’s terms, so that you know exactly what you are signing up to. 

They can recognise and resolve any potential issues presented in the contract 

Potential issues that could arise in house sale contracts include old paperwork that has not been registered correctly (such as land ownership), potentially problematic clauses introduced by previous owners and problems relating to boundaries exposed by plans of the property. These might involve certain non-negotiable scenarios; for example, if your home is built over a drain the water board might one day need to demolish your property to access the drain. Experienced conveyancing solicitors Birmingham will be able to draw your attention to these clauses and either try to resolve them or give you the information needed to help you make a decision on whether you want to go ahead with the property sale. 

A conveyancing solicitor gives you added protection

Conveyancing solicitors are required by law to hold valid indemnity insurance. This protects you from suffering financial losses in certain unavoidable situations, such as a defective lease, lack of planning permission and bureaucratic problems throughout the selling process. So, in the example with the drain used above, with the help of a conveyancing solicitor those unfortunate homeowners would have their losses covered by indemnity insurance. 

A conveyancing solicitor helps to prevent crime

During a house sale, all parties need to go through legal checks to ensure that no crime is being committed, for example, if the property transfer is being used as a front for a fraudulent transaction. An experienced conveyancing solicitor will be able to run all the right checks to identify and deter those involved in illegal activities, thus offering you better protection when selling your home. 

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