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What to Include in a Mobility Bathroom?

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Safe bathing is especially important for seniors and those who have an injury, disability or mobility issue. But it’s not a project design that you plan for every day, so how do you know what to include? The list below provides suggestions for what to include in a mobility bathroom revamp to maximise functionality while also creating an attractive space.

Speak with a Mobility Design Specialist

Adapting your bathroom is easier with the help of an experienced designer of mobility bathrooms. The right design professional understands that you deserve a comfortable, safe bathroom and is proud to provide it one that suits your unique preferences and needs.

With many quality brands to choose from for the furniture and accessories, as well as custom options, an expert can help you narrow down the options for your preferred style. Get a modern look without breaking your budget.

Walk-In Bath

Maintaining a feeling of independence and confidence is often easier after installing a walk-in bath in the home. It makes getting in and out of the bathtub easier for those who might otherwise need another person’s assistance.

Look for one with an included tap and easy-to-use controls. Grab bars are a feature that you might also consider.

Modern designs combine a sleek look, luxury and safety all in one. Choose from a range of tub types, including those with a small door to sit in or a panel that covers the whole side that is typically for long baths.

Walk-In Shower

If you prefer taking a shower rather than a bath, this option is a great solution. There is no step to risk slipping and falling over, if that is a concern with the bath. 

For those with mobility problems, a walk-in shower is often preferable to a bath. Furthermore, features such as ramped floors and drainage pipes that often come with a walk-in shower help to reduce risks of water leaking through the shower door onto the main bathroom floor.

Typically, these showers are designed to be easy to reach and feature simple controls. Some models have thermostatic controls that regulate the water temperature; adjust it easily so that it stays within a certain heat range.


Stools or chairs in the shower provide safe and stable ways to shower while sitting. The special seating is fixed into the shower area and is best used in combination with grab rails.

Be sure to tell the installer your preferred height for the seat, as well as the distance of the grab bars from it. An occupational therapist can help you to determine these measurements, as well as show you how to use the equipment.

These accessories are now aesthetically pleasing and blend into the bathroom more naturally than they did in years past. 

Takeaway on Accessible Bathrooms

Creating a mobility bathroom that you look forward to using, rather than one that you fear is unsafe to use, can change your life. Getting the most use and comfort out of your home is possible, even if you are of old age or have a disability. Start designing a beautiful bathroom that meets your accessibility needs today.

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