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Stay stylish and confident past 60 with these tips

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Style does not have an upper age limit and you can still look fashionable and classy throughout the duration of your life. However, you might have to revamp your look at different stages of your life, as what suited you when you were 30 may no longer work for you and bring out your features at 60. Transitioning gracefully is the key to staying stylish. Read on for some tips to help you stay stylish and confident past 60.

Reading glasses

Many people experience some amount of sight deterioration as they get older, and you might have found yourself struggling to focus on close-up tasks like reading and sewing. If this is the case, then you might benefit from reading glasses to help focus your eyes and remove any strain on them to prevent further sight loss. Look for the best reading glasses for your needs that combine style with practicality. For instance, you might want a pair of foldable reading glasses to easily carry with you when you are out and about, or varifocals might be the best choice if you already wear glasses for short-sightedness. 


A beautiful pair of shoes can really give an outfit the wow factor. However, as you get older, you may no longer enjoy wearing the sky-high stilettos of your youth – you might be increasingly unsteady on your feet and want to avoid a fall, or simply find them too uncomfortable to wear. Fortunately, over recent years designers have realised that not everyone wants to wear heels, and there are now many stylish and sophisticated flat shoes on the market. Look for a classic pair of ballerina flats with a cushioned sole for the ultimate in style and comfort, or find a pair incorporating a statement toe design and hardware for an eye-catching look for parties. 


Subtle make-up can really help to lift your face, making you appear wide-awake and the best version of yourself; likewise, it is also a fun form of self-expression for parties. As you get older, you may find that the make-up looks that made you feel beautiful and confident in your thirties no longer work now you are in your sixties. This may be because your once-favourite shades no longer suit your current colouring, and certain finishes may not show off older skin to its full potential (glittery eye shadow, for instance, can emphasise eye wrinkles). Visit your favourite make-up counter for advice on what products and make-up looks will best suit you in your sixties and beyond.


With many glamorous older women rocking their natural locks, grey hair is no longer seen as being ‘past it’. In fact, embracing your grey hair could help to make you look younger, as it will be more harmonious with the rest of your features. If you do decide to embrace the grey after years of dyeing your hair, consult a trusted hairdresser who will be able to transition your hair naturally using highlights.

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