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How to Stick to Your New Year Diet

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Many people have the ambition to start a new diet at the beginning of a new year, with the intention of reaching their end goals. However, a few weeks down the line, they start to lose the motivation and hit a brick wall.

Starting a new diet can be a real challenge for anyone to keep up, therefore, you’ll need to put a number of strategies in place to help you stick to your plan. Bear in mind that regardless of how hard it may be to maintain your diet, the benefits it will provide will make your hard efforts worth it.

If you’re currently struggling to stick to a new diet, here are a few tips and tricks that may help:

Be realistic

It would be unreasonable to believe that you’re going to have a dramatic weight loss in the first few weeks of your new diet, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Setting realistic and achievable goals through a plan will help you reach your milestone in small steps, with the end goal in sight. By giving yourself a weekly or monthly focus, it’s much more likely you’ll stay on task, rather than losing motivation.

Eat the foods you enjoy

Many people start a new diet to achieve a healthy lifestyle or lose weight, but there is a huge misconception around the fact that healthy foods are bland and you should cut everything you enjoy eating out of your diet. You’ll be pleased to know that’s just not the case.

While you shouldn’t be eating too many foods that are high in calories or fat, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to stick to your diet in the long-term if you are too strict on yourself. You shouldn’t be afraid to enjoy takeaways from the likes of which serves Thai food that’s delicious and extremely healthy. By treating yourself every now and again, you’re far more likely to keep on top of your diet.

Carry around healthy snacks

You may get peckish when you’re out and about, so always carry a few healthy snacks in your bag to prevent you from picking up unhealthy alternatives. Most of the food you may come across in the supermarket is extremely processed and won’t satisfy your hunger pangs. On the other hand, snacks that are high in protein (such as almonds, peanuts and cheese) should keep your energy levels up and prevent you from picking up unhealthy snacks until you eat your next proper meal.

Plan ahead before eating out

When you’re on a diet, eating out can be difficult as you can’t determine what you’re going to be eating. While you should have treat days every now and again, you could always opt to take a look at the menu beforehand. In doing so, you won’t feel overwhelmed once you arrive or feel forced to eat a meal that isn’t within your dietary requirements.

We hope the above pointers have given you your mojo back to tackle your January diet and allow you to reach those long-term goals. 

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