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Why you should have your own website

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Whether you are self-employed, you or a freelancer has your own small business, you’ll know the importance of getting your name out there. Without carrying out this vital step, you may find that you don’t get as much work as you could – or any at all. So how can you do this?

One way you can do this is by having your own website to showcase your most valuable asset: you. If you’re not sure if it’s worth the extra time and effort, you’ll need to run your own website, then here are just some of the reasons why it will be worth every penny and minute of your time.

You can brand yourself

Your resume will not let you be creative and to express yourself. There’s only so much you can say on them, and they’re quite confined. So, by having your own website, you have a visual resume that states exactly who you are and what your talents are. It’s a way of people being able to see your work and to build trust that you can perform the tasks for which they want to hire you.

Promote your services or products

Your website can act as a digital brochure, with up-to-date information about what you can offer. It also means you can update your details in real-time, without having to wait or pay for new printed materials.

Many customers will want to get as many details about a business before using them, so you can also add a portfolio to your site with photos or case studies of previous projects. An about page will also help, as you can introduce your business, your values, a mission statement plus any unique selling propositions you may have.

A blog is another way that clients can get to know you: sharing a wide range of content will show off your expertise in your industry or how to use your products. Fresh content can also increase your search engine rankings but, if you’re not sure how to do this, get in contact with brands such as Click Intelligence to support you with link-building services – so you can boost your search results.

Develop your career

Your website will attract potential clients as well as potential employers so, if you already have an established career, you can develop it further. By adding success stories and testimonials from previous clients, for instance, your clients will trust your skills – and will ask to use your services.

People can determine your legitimacy (and potential)

A good website will change someone’s perception of who you are and what you can do and will be one of the best moves you can do for your marketing. However, if your site looks like it was created a while ago, it will affect your credibility.

Yet people will see your site and then make a call on your standards and your potential. The information you have on there will help to decide whether specific opportunities will be passed your way.

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