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Top Tips for Starting Your Own Microbrewery

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Local businesses have been at the heart of communities for many years, but in the noisy world of big brands and household names, it’s easy to let the local heroes fade into insignificance. Fortunately, there seems to have been a local renaissance, and pubs and restaurants throughout the region are turning to the independent suppliers in their droves, seeking the locally sourced goodness they provide. In 2017, the number of craft beer breweries grew to a staggering 2000.  Here are our top tips for joining the ranks and turning a profit from your very own microbrewery. 

Stand out from the crowd 

If you want customers to choose your brew, then a strong brand is essential. Branding is key to a successful venture into the competitive world of microbreweries. People develop real affinities with brands, and in order to win the hearts and minds of your prospective punters, you’ll need a good brand with a unique character. Keep it simple, memorable and visual, and you’ll be in with a chance with the jostling Friday evening pub crowds. Try adding a local touch to your brand name for a more personal feel and you’ll gain an authentic position in the market.

A venue to be proud of

Every microbrewery needs flagship premises from which to promote their brand, and having a stylish space will resonate with your followers. It’s equally important, however, for your premises to be a safe place for your staff. Due to the nature of the industry, you and your team will be dealing with heavy machinery and complicated equipment. So without the right premises, accidents could occur. It might be worth finding a work injury solicitor in Bury. If, for any reason, an accident does happen, they’ll be able to assist in this area of the law. Taking the time to be prepared for potential accidents is important when looking into the possibilities of opening any new business.

Plan an event and share on social media

Social media is an increasingly more crucial element in starting a new business and it’s likely to play an even bigger role in the coming years. Finding and connecting with your customers can be easy through the reach of social media and can even connect you to new opportunities. Try setting up an event or evening in a well-known local establishment as a launch party for your new brand or new line of drinks. Social media sites can be used to market your event far and wide to groups who will resonate with your idea, and by doing this, you’ll be introducing your products to new crowds.

Be sure to make a careful plan which incorporates marketing techniques to connect with your tribe, as well as a real appreciation of the health and safety requirements. That said, 2019 is a great time to investigate the possibilities of turning a would-be hobby into a money-making endeavour, and as long as you follow these simple tips, you’ll be on track for success. 

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