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How to Improve Your Commute

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Depending on where you live, your commute could be long, tedious, and frustratingly unproductive. Improving your commute can be beneficial for your wellbeing through relaxation or stimulate you through learning about new topics or how to do new activities. Even if you drive to work, and do not have the freedom of those who use public transport, for example, there are still ways you can prevent your commute from being worthless.

Listen to podcasts

In the UK, the average commute time is just under an hour (although this rises to over 80 minutes in London), which is far too much time to be wasting. With the general podcast episode lasting around 45 minutes, they are an absolutely perfect use of your journey to learn a new language, hear about a period of history you’ve always been fascinated in or chuckle along to your favourite comedians. 

Choose your podcast wisely: you want one that fits the mood. If you have an early morning commute, perhaps educational ones aren’t the best choice, as you won’t be fully awake to appreciate them. 

Wear comfortable clothes

This piece of advice depends largely on whether you can change clothes once you get to work. If your place of work requires you to arrive in smart, occasionally uncomfortable, clothes, then you may not get away with turning up in joggers and a t-shirt. However, if you’re able to change upon arrival – in a bathroom or changing room – then why wear your uncomfortable uniform for the whole journey? Not only does this make your commute more bearable, but it also forms a good divide between your work and home life. As soon as the clothes are changed, your attitude does too. 

Leave earlier

It is a simple tip but an effective one. Leaving for work earlier means, you have to rush less and won’t be as hot and bothered when you get there. If you use public transport, which is known to be particularly bad in the North West – around Morecambe but even in the bigger cities of Manchester and Liverpool – then leaving earlier also gives you more chance of arriving on time despite cancellations and delays.

Remove your commute altogether

One way to improve your commute is to remove it entirely. It cannot be turgid and uninteresting if it doesn’t exist, so save the commute with a garden office or home study. Working from home can be excellent for your personal life, travel costs, and timesaving. You’ll also likely get more time in bed.

Listen to new music

If you don’t have a way of cutting the commute out, though, you could use it to listen to new music. If you’ve had artists recommended to you but have never found the time to give them a go, download their latest album and make it a point to listen to it the next time you’re stuck on a train or bus. You might discover your favourite new genre, and your friend will be delighted that you’ve taken their recommendation on board.

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