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How did New York start?

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Image Credit: Wikipedia

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Today’s New York City stands tall, beautiful and with lots of modern buildings, specially designed, built and maintained, conveying the advancements in the real estate sector. It’s a truly unique location in the world, boasting of over 800 languages and cultures not to mention its diverse suburbs, each with its unparalleled features. It’s currently ranked among the leading destinations for the world’s leading real estate agencies, all of them struggling for a piece of this remarkable city.

It’s clearly evident that everyone seems to talk about these buildings but with little emphasis to the humble buildings that set the foundation and let the way for the gigantic structures ruling the skyline today. But how did New York start? Preservation of history has slowly turned into a lucrative endeavor and knowing how far this iconic city has come along plays a crucial in its appreciation, preservation, and its future growth.

But even with the buzz, the scramble and partitioning, and the fight for supremacy in the real estate sector, how did New York start? How did it come to be the world’s business and business hub? The many different housing providers played a significant role in its eventual success, serving to welcome thousands of today’s dwellers.

The real answer lies with the many real estate agencies ruling the vibrant, historic New York Downtown regions of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and State Island. Although the competition for residential apartments just got fiercer recently amid the shortages due to the scarcity of houses, some real estate powerhouses remain unshaken.

The Corcoran Group and Douglas Elliman ranks as the leading housing firms across Manhattan and Brooklyn, able to shake off the threat posed by such fast-rising real estate companies as Town Residential Although barely five years in the field. They hold the lion’s share of the available market listings and continue to buoy the luxury market, mainly because of its many agents on the ground.

There are other names ruling the market, responsible for creating the luxury apartments of years gone by. The Corcoran Group can be said to have contributed to the overall wellness of market since 1973, under the watchful eyes of the real estate mogul- Barbara Corcoran. They are known to have the solution to the question, how did New York start.

Luxury apartments built differently and for different housing enthusiasts available in almost all boroughs is their specialty. With their reputation as the first firm to set up an office in Brooklyn, they’re the primary stakeholder, surpassing other real estate companies.

Among the real estate brokerage firms attributed to have shaped the ranking of different boroughs is the multi-national real estate company Prestige International (Worldwide Investment In Real Estate). They have listings in almost all boroughs with many them in Manhattan’s neighborhoods and Brooklyn.

Their properties range from simple condo apartments, multi-bedroomed houses, and townhouses. It’s crucial to mention that while they have luxury apartments in many of these neighborhoods, they offer competitive pricing, thus able to build a name. Their roles, therefore, among the real estate firms that help shape today’s New York and answer the question; how did New York start remains immense.

Halstead Property recently acquired Aguayo Real Estate Group, boosting its overall apartment ownership not only in Brooklyn but other boroughs. Although its weight doesn’t match the older, more established ones, its name is on the rise, mainly in the Park Slope Sale listings, where it ranked third.

Other emerging history markers joining the competitive real estate field include firms originating from outside New York, all hoping to win a share of what’s on offer.


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