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5 Reasons Why Scooters are Perfect for City Life

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Commuting around a city can be a nightmare: cramped public transport, no taxis available, or being stuck in the longest queue of traffic imaginable. If you want to break away from the woes of travel and beat the envy of seeing various bikes and scooters whiz past you on your commute, then consider making a worthwhile investment in a scooter. They are the perfect companion for city living – so let’s examine 5 reasons why.


The cost of city living can easily mount up with rent, shopping, and leisure. You can get a reliable scooter from such dealers as bmg scooters – who offer a range of financing options to suit a spectrum of budgets. Although the initial cost of buying a scooter will be a lot more than catching the tube or the train, in the long run, it will work out cheaper and give you the freedom to ride when you want and break the shackles of public transport.

Not only are scooters cheaper to buy than a car, but they also have fewer ongoing costs. A year’s tax is as little as £19, MOTs average at around £55, and insurance is significantly cheaper (changeable based on individual circumstances). 

Efficient for Fuel

You want to get the furthest distance at the cheapest cost. The RAC Foundation put the average car fuel consumption at 50.5 miles per gallon (mpg). Whereas, the average scooter can manage around 75mpg, meaning that your money is taking you further. Moreover, with a scooter, you will consume less fuel because you’ll have the ability to zip-zap-zoom through the traffic, which will reduce your engine time.

Parking Like a Boss

If you’ve ever driven a car, you know how much of a pain it can be to find a parking space, let alone park up. On top of this, pay and display car parks often charge over the odds for the pleasure. With a scooter, not only is it easier to find a space and get parked, but some car parks offer free parking, as long as you follow their rules – giving you the upper hand over your car driving buddies.

Bus Lane Bliss

Whizzing through the traffic eases commuting stress. On top of this, you are entitled to use most bus lanes (just look out for the bus lane inc. motorcyclists sign).

Storage Solutions

As discussed, finding a space to park a car in can be a nightmare. Living in the city centre normally means that you’ve got no drive; tourists take up your parking space or you live in an apartment with no offered parking. Fortunately, with a scooter, it’s a lot easier to find a space whether it’s by the side of the road or in a front garden space. 

If before you started reading this you were only considering getting a scooter, you now find yourself closer to an answer. Getting a scooter is simple, cost-effective, and will have you tearing up the city in no time – leaving behind the stresses of the public commute.

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