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Top Investments For A Community Sports Team

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With the wide return of community sport and the return of away days and games there has also been a realisation that such community sports teams need to ensure that they make investments for the future. This article will look at the top investments for community sports teams.

Invest in people

The best investment a community sports team can make is to invest their time and money in the people in their community. The people who run the club or team should be able to perform their tasks and roles as efficiently and effectively as possible and this is just the start. Developing people around the sporting team and the sport itself (in the way of players and coaches) is a must but having a wider community development initiative or mindset is the only way that your community sports team will survive and prosper. The community must have a stake in your sports team and the only way to do this is to be involved in the development of local people. 

A long-lasting vehicle

Being able to safely transport the team and ensure that players are safe enroute is a great investment and will serve to keep the team playing and enjoying the sport of choice at away games. Safety must be the key consideration and a place like The Mini Bus Centre will be able to provide demonstrations and advice around the best choice for your specific sports club. Look for a funder and sponsor who would like to be involved with your club and may be able to help with a vehicle lease or purchase and brand the bus accordingly.

Invest in the community 

Being able to change the community for the better is generally one of the key drivers for a community sports team. The community must be able to use your facilities, be it for children’s parties, social events and more. This will serve to build the brand and integrate your sports club into the community. You should thus invest in these facilities and ensure that you have thought about community needs before you develop or build such spaces.

Financial investments

This may seem the simplest pieces of advice, but for many in community sport it is simply about finding the funds for the next activity or game, rather than saving money for a rainy day. Those in community sport often rely on government and community sports grants and external funding, don’t. Open a savings account and save as much as is possible and then look to invest any savings. Use the gate takings and any extra funds raised to start and maintain a savings account which will only grow from strength to strength as you invest such savings.

A community sports club or team is indeed about having fun and keeping healthy and this should be the focus. However, if you want this to be sustainable and make long lasting positive impact on your specific community then you would be well advised to follow the advice and tips as noted herein.

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