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Will Casino’s Feature in Morecambe’s Reinvention Plans?

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Morecambe’s status as a desirable seaside destination has risen and fallen over the years but there is reason to believe the resort is set for another revival. A series of regeneration schemes including the proposed Eden Project North is set to breathe new life into the Lancashire town.

Other new initiatives such as the Tern Project have already made the town a hot-spot for birdwatchers and more visitors are once again discovering the amazing natural beauty that the region has to offer. But many people associate seaside resorts with casino-style entertainment. So, will Morecambe go down the casino route?

Current tourist attractions

In terms of more traditional tourism, the town still has plenty to offer. One of the key attractions on Morecambe seafront is the statue of local comedian Eric Morecambe. Originally unveiled by the Queen in 1999, the statue shows the entertainer in one of his most famous poses. He also has a pair of binoculars around his neck to honour his love of ornithology. Tourists still flock to the statue to have their photo taken against the stunning backdrop of the bay and the nearby Lake District hills.

Eric Morecambe Statue, Marine Rd Central, Morecambe, Lancashire, England

Eric Morecambe Statue, Marine Rd Central” (CC BY 2.0) by Bob Linsdell

Nearby, the popular stone jetty retains part of the former harbour and features bird and animal sculptures plus a cafe and a lighthouse. It also offers spectacular views over the bay to the Lake District.

Casino plans rumoured

The notable absence is a casino with the closest venues located around an hour’s drive away in the nearby towns of Blackpool and Preston. There has a been talk of a new pier complex featuring a casino and bar but nothing has been confirmed. Of course, a physical casino is not essential for anyone looking to play popular casino and slot games today. Players who want to immerse themselves in the casino experience can play online casino games at any time and from any place at top betting websites. However, a new casino such as the one on the rumoured pier project may help the resort compete with other popular seaside destinations.

Live entertainment

Despite the absence of a casino, Morecambe still has some important entertainment venues. The promenade is home to the Platform, a unique live entertainment venue located in a fully restored Edwardian railway station. The Platform hosts live music, comedy and theatre, as well as local community events. Particularly popular are tribute bands and the 1980’s parties that are hosted there.

The Winter Gardens is an iconic venue located on the promenade near the recently refurbished art deco Midland Hotel. It is one of the oldest buildings in the area and had Grade II listed status. In the past, the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Who, Billy Connolly and The Shadows performed there before it closed its doors in 1977. The current restoration project is still ongoing but the building is once again open to the public. Popular events include ghost hunts and tribute acts.

winter gardens flyer” (Public Domain) by morecambememories

The future

Morecambe is being reinvented as a destination for nature, culture and entertainment lovers. This will be reinforced by the opening of the Eden Project. But in the meantime, the town is still keen to celebrate its roots as a top seaside destination and makes the perfect getaway for those looking for a more laid back alternative to the bright lights of nearby Blackpool. A new casino might be the icing on the cake for those looking for the complete seaside package. 

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