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Insider Info – How Coworking Communities Can Give You Valuable Market Insights

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The coworking community in London, East or West take your pick, is more than a group of professionals who have decided to mash it up in a building as opposed to paying high rents in the city. The people who make up these spaces tend to contribute the space in terms of their expertise and experience. For this reason, coworking does more than save you money, but it provides your business with a pool of talent and resources.

The professionals, while important, are not the only positive attributes about the coworking space. Instead, there are a number of tools that can provide your business with access to the resources they need to work. Please take a look at Servcorp Coworking UK to see how these spaces typically work by clicking on the following link As you can see, the coworking space is filled with professionals from a variety of industries and all who contribute with their own expertise information regarding market insights.

Continue reading to see how the coworking space’s diversity can be a source of market insight for other coworking professionals.

Coworking Professionals As A Resource

First and foremost, if not working in an industry-specific space, you can find yourself working with top talent from a variety of industries. Many spaces attract businesses in the technology, financial, creative arts (graphic designers, gamers, writers), and media industries.  For this reason, your space becomes a vast pool of information that anyone can draw from, which is great because it reduces the amount of time spent hunting down information and getting referrals. Furthermore, these professionals can give your business insight on information related to standard practices, cost of goods and services, and other information.

Mentors As A Resource

The coworking space is a resource because of its diversity, and the professionals who make up the space are also valuable resources to younger professionals. The benefit to those who choose the coworking platform is they can choose to develop mentoring relationships with mentors in their field and others. By virtue of the fact that mentors tend to have spent years in the business, finding another person who actually knows who to talk to about resolving problems and who to connect with to gain access to important people can be very helpful. In fact, in many cases, it can save your business a lot of time as well.

Experts As A Resource

One of the main components of the coworking space is to promote industry in a variety of ways. One way is to invite experts into the space from a variety of industries to share their knowledge with coworking professionals. Many spaces coordinate incubator and accelerator programs in conjunction with their regular programs, and these are definitely places you will find coworking professionals sharing their insight with others. If not involved with an incubator or accelerator program, the events calendar gives coworking professionals ample opportunity to gain insight from professionals.

Online Tools As A Resource

Your space has a range of online tools that can readily be used to find information. In addition to the various marketing sites that provide information to consumers, professionals can find information regarding any market by first going to any of the market indices and then reading research regarding the company. While researching is not as accessible as having human insight, the information still can be harnessed and used.

Finding Valuable Insight

The coworking space is one of the greatest inventions in workspace. It has established the workspace as a marketplace for talent across industries.  In this place, you can find many shortcuts to getting to information simply because the people who make up the space can give you access to it.

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