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How to Take Care of Your Jewellery

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Jewellery is a go-to accessory for most people, and one which many enjoy wearing and experimenting with. However, when it comes to proper storage and care, this is one area that can easily fall to neglect. It’s easy to place jewellery on the side after a long day, and not give much thought as to how it’s being properly cared for. 

Here’s how to take better care of your jewellery and ensure that it always stays in its best condition. 

Keep Your Jewellery Sealed Away 

Moisture and oxygen in the air can cause jewellery to fade and become compromised over time. It’s better to store your jewellery in an air-tight capacity, such as a ziplock bag or a jewellery box with a lid. This will keep it in its best condition for much longer. 

Keep It Out of Sunlight 

You don’t want to leave any jewellery items out in direct sunlight, which can cause your jewellery to fade, especially the colour of gemstones. Be sure not to leave it on the side or on windowsills, where the sun can catch throughout the day. 

Invest in Better Quality

If you want your jewellery to last and be as durable as possible, then the initial investment is extremely important. Cheap jewellery will only serve to discolour and easily wear in a short space of time. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune on the best quality jewellery, it is more about taking the time to seek out suppliers of genuine metal — rather than metal-effect — and more substantial pieces. You can easily shop online for dependable jewellery suppliers like who stock genuine gold and silver items. 

Be Aware with Lotions or Moisturizers

Try to avoid applying these items to your skin when you are wearing jewellery, or avoid putting jewellery on straight after you have applied lotions before it has had the chance to settle into the skin. This moisture can compromise jewellery. 

This also applies to other items such as perfume or hairspray, so it’s better to always put your jewellery on last, and after other products have had a chance to soak in. 

Store Items Individually 

To give your jewellery the best chance and to avoid any marks or scratches, try to store pieces in their individual boxes (which should always be supplied when you initially buy them anyway). This is better than keeping everything lumped together in one box or area, so that you can maintain the integrity of each individual item. 

Divide Your Time Between Jewellery Items

If you’re wearing one particular piece every hour of the day, every day, and having other items stored constantly in their box, you’re not doing what’s best for every piece. Try to rotate your jewellery so that all items can be worn, and some items can take a break. 

Final Thoughts

Caring for your jewellery doesn’t have to be a huge challenge. The main area to remember is how to best store your items. The best way is to seek individual boxes with lids, so that your jewellery can avoid being overexposed to anything which can affect its appearance.

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