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How to look after your lawn

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Lawn maintenance doesn’t have to be a huge chore. Some simple tips and a little preparation could see your lawn looking healthier and more inviting than ever before. Everyone wants to spend more time and enjoy their outdoor space, but having an unappealing lawn can seriously detract from your overall enjoyment. If you want to get more use out of your garden, then taking the time to do a little maintenance and planning could see you spending more time outdoors than ever before, and all in the most luxurious surroundings imaginable. Don’t assume that looking after your lawn means back-breaking work. It might be easier to achieve than you think.

Essential Mowing

Grass grows, and that means it needs to be trimmed. The best time to start doing this with any set regularity is in the spring, but it’s never the wrong time to give your lawn a good mow. You don’t have to make life hard for yourself. Modern lawnmowers aren’t the hard work that they used to be, and there are even automated options available here, which makes it easier to kick back with a cocktail and watch as your lawn gets the trim it needs.

Feed Right

Your lawn needs feeding, especially in the spring. That’s when plants and grass starts to grow faster so they need all of the nutrients possible to be as healthy as they can be. Make sure that you know which foods are the best for your lawn and take care not to overfeed. If you can get the food balance right, then your lawn will be healthier, denser, thicker, and greener.

Tackle Weeds

Weed control is a major part of your lawn maintenance, and if you don’t get them under control, then they can start to spread and take over your garden. Look at the best herbicides, or simply use your hands to rip them from the ground. You might also want to consider making use of a knife or even a mechanical weeder to get the root of each weed completely removed from the soil.

Messy Moss

Moss on the lawn can disrupt the look of your entire garden. Lawn scarifiers, also known as de-thatchers, help to get rid of dead moss and other forms of garden debris. The scarifying tool can cut through that debris and collect it, meaning that your lawn has unrestricted access to rainwater. It also means that rainwater will be absorbed more quickly so that you don’t get that damp and unappealing look in your garden after even the heaviest rainfall.

Let Your Lawn Breathe

Aeration is vital for a healthy lawn. As your garden gets used, soil can get compared down, making it harder for the grass to get the nutrients and water than it needs. A simple garden fork can be used to aerate your lawn, although there are specialist tools available that can make the process even easier. Aerating your lawn doesn’t just relieve compaction, it also provides your grass with more air, so that it becomes much healthier, much quicker.

Don’t let your lawn become overgrown and unhealthy. By paying a little bit of attention to the health of your garden, you might be amazed by how even the lightest of work can transform your garden into the oasis that you deserve.

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