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Why building scale models is a great hobby

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Whether you have a passion for planes or love pop culture cars, there are a huge number of model kits available for you to try, and they can be a fantastic way to try your hand at something new. If you have an interest in building scale models but aren’t sure of the benefits, this blog will highlight why these kits make a great little hobby for families and adults alike. 

Below are several reasons why so many people choose modelling as the perfect pastime. 

You’ll develop new skills

No matter what difficulty level you choose, building models can help you develop new skills or improve on those you already have. Everything from construction, painting, and sculpting can be learnt through models. You can also learn more about the models themselves and the history behind them. 

It’s great for practicing mindfulness

Modern life is incredibly stressful. With work, families, and other stresses to manage, building models can be a great escape. Doing something creative is a great outlet for stress – and it will do more good than heading out for a beer or junk food after a long day. 

The challenge of the build also requires you to be in the present, focusing on the task at hand. Wasting the hours away, deeply focused on a model build, can be a welcomed distraction from everyday life – leaving you feeling fresh, calmer, and ready to take on life’s struggles. 

It’s a chance for personal flair

Most model plane kits or cars come with a paint by numbers style, but there’s an option for you to add your personal touch to any kit you choose. Over time, as you develop your skills, you’ll be able to see how you’ve improved through your paintwork. 

There’s an instant reward

Depending on how much time you have to spend on your build, a single model can be a short- or long-term project. No matter how long it takes you, building models allows you to instantly see your progress. There’s a great sense of achievement throughout the building process – ending in a great model that you can admire for years to come. 

It’s a hobby for bonding

As kids become more interested in gaming and online devices, modelling can be a great way to regain some family time. This hands-on hobby is perfect for sharing with your children, as well as teaching them vital life lessons like patience, perseverance, and concentration. You’ll both be able to feel the sense of accomplishment together and strengthen your relationship. 

You can build your own collection

Medals and trophies are one way people like to show off their personal achievements. Others can enjoy the same level of satisfaction and self-esteem by showcasing their models. Each model is the same as having a trophy for your achievements, and the more invested you become, the bigger the trophy collection you’ll have. 

There are so many benefits to starting a scale model hobby. Whether you want to prioritize more time with the kids or want to bring a new level of patience into your life, building models could be the hobby you’ve been missing. Try out a kit and see what you think – you never know how far your trophy cabinet could grow!

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