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4 Elements of a Functional Website You Need

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If you want to create a website that attracts your target audience and then keeps them engaged while they spend time on it, you need to consider the web-design elements listed below. Doing so will ensure that your site doesn’t deter web users and actually gives them a reason to stick around and check out your content.

Here are four elements of a functional website that you need:

Easy navigation

Your website is going to flounder and struggle if it isn’t easy to navigate, that’s for sure. Above all else, your site must be simple and easy to use for all those that seek to use it. To ensure that this proves to be the case, you must:

  • Keep the tone of your site consistent across all of your pages
  • Separate your categories and sections clearly
  • Ensure all navigation links are clickable
  • Check your web pages regularly to make sure they aren’t broken
  • Make use of accurate and up-to-date navigation titles
  • Ensure that your clickable images have ALT text


The security of your website should be one of your top priorities. If you don’t take action with regards to deterring cybercrime, your site could end up posing a risk to all those access it. Subsequently, this will make it difficult for your target audience to trust your site and, thus, they’ll start spending their time on sites that actually make an effort to protect their sensitive information and data.

To keep your site safe in this sense, you should have a professional digital performance company like Digivante run a security test on it. Doing this will allow you to unearth any problems that you have with regards to cyber security, and ultimately it will help you to make your site more compliant with the very latest safety regulations.


If you’re to truly engage your target audience, you need to litter your site with various calls-to-action. This will help you to push your site visitors towards the content, products, and services that you actually want them to consume.

Effective SEO

Your site won’t attract any visitors if your search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t effective. Quite simply, your website needs to rank as high as it possibly can on the search engine results pages (SERPs) whenever searches are conducted in its market, as this increased exposure will be more likely to result in web users choosing your site over your competitors. It is for this reason why you need to focus heavily on improving your SEO.

To improve this particular element of your website endeavor, you must:

  • Conduct an SEO website audit
  • Improve your site navigation
  • Rid your site of duplicated content
  • Make sure your site is accessible on mobile devices
  • Ensure that your site is quick to load
  • Produce content of the highest possible quality
  • Insert effective forms of metadata
  • Choose long-tail keywords that are relevant to your industry
  • Include both inbound and outbound hyperlinks

Embrace the four elements listed above, and you’ll be sure to create a successful website.

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