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Why insulate your conservatory?

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Ideal for relaxing in during the summer, and a quiet and calm little oasis for unwinding in over the winter, conservatories are the perfect addition to homes of all shapes and sizes. The problem is that extreme weather and other issues can seriously reduce your enjoyment of a conservatory. That’s why insulation is becoming the essential conservatory upgrade across the country. With a number of benefits that can give you much more enjoyment of your conservatory, here are some of the main reasons why you might be considering insulation for your extra room, and some of them might surprise you.

Energy Loss

Hot air rises, and that means that your roof is where you lose a lot of the heating that you’ve had on all day during the winter. However, cool air also escapes through a roof, so in the colder months, you will often find that a conservatory is far too chilly to enjoy without wrapping up in layers. Insulation prevents that loss, so you’ll get a much cooler room even when the sun is glaring, and a cosy, warm little refuge over the winter. Of course, this isn’t just good for being able to use your conservatory more; it will also reduce your utility bills as well.


When the sun is shining, we don’t tend to think of the damage that it might be causing to our property. After all, who wants to worry when there’s a barbecue to prep and some rays to catch? Unfortunately, the fact is that sunlight can have a negative impact on your roof, and that includes the roof of your conservatory. Insulation can help to protect your conservatory, meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy it for many years to come. We might not get hot weather every day of the year, but when it does arrive, you want your home to be safe against the elements. Find out here how Conservatory Insulation is ideal for this.

Additional Benefits

While the greater temperature control and durability are obvious benefits, there are some additional ones that you might not have considered. While these may vary in terms of their importance to you, the fact is that your conservatory can only benefit from insulation, and no matter where you are in the UK, it can transform your property for the better. Consider these benefits:

  • Glare reduction: When the clouds are out, sun glare isn’t something that you think of very often. Of course, in the summer we can get hit by days of a cloudless sky, and that means sun glare. It can be very difficult to relax in your conservatory if the sun is beaming right into your face. Insulation can reduce that sun glare, meaning that you won’t have to don your sunglasses when you’re trying to read or catch up with friends.
  • Condensation worries: Water damage is one of those things that you never want to have to tackle as a homeowner. Condensation can be a massive pain, and it can seriously affect your quality of life and the value of your home. While condensation can be tackled throughout your home in a variety of ways, conservatory insulation is very useful for tackling the problem. If you want to minimise the risk of water damage and damp, then insulation is ideal.

A conservatory is one of the most popular home upgrades in the country. By extending your home, you get more living space and a great view as well. If you want to manage your bills, protect your home, and add value to the price of your property, then conservatory insulation should be a priority.

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