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The benefits of sending your child to boarding school

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As parents, we always want the best for our children, and providing them with an excellent education is among the most important parts of this. One of the biggest decisions to make is where to send your child to school, and part of that is choosing between day school and boarding school. Boarding school can have a reputation for being a bit old-fashioned, and many parents worry about sending their children away from home. However, there are many reasons why you should consider this style of education as an option. Here are just a few of the benefits.

Top quality education

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of sending your child to boarding school is the high quality of education that they will receive. These institutions tend to have smaller class sizes, which means that your child will get more individual attention and teaching that matches their specific needs. On top of this, the teachers are highly experienced and passionate about their subjects, putting together a challenging but rewarding curriculum for their students. One of the benefits of living at the school is that staff members are also available for extra study sessions outside the classroom when needed.

Chance to develop strong social skills

Going to boarding school is an experience like no other and tends to foster a strong community feeling among the students. The friendships your child forms are likely to be lifelong thanks to the close bonds they develop living together away from home. In addition, most students who go to boarding school are success-orientated and keen to learn, which can be a great motivation to your son or daughter. You can feel confident that they will be surrounded by peers who will be a good influence on them in the most formative years of their life.

World-class facilities

When your child attends a leading boarding school such as Rugby School in Thailand, it’s not only the academic teaching that will be world-class. It’s also the facilities. You can expect libraries, laboratories, and media centres to be packed with the latest technologies and learning materials, all maintained to an extremely high standard. This is also the case for extracurricular activities such as art, music, drama and sports. There are countless opportunities for students to develop their hobbies and passions to a high level, as well as try their hand at new activities.

Encourage maturity and other life skills

As you might expect, living away from home is a great way for children to pick up a number of important life skills. It teaches them maturity, responsibility, discipline and many other ‘soft’ skills which will be invaluable to them in later life. It’s a fantastic way to foster independence and encourage personal growth while still being a supportive and nurturing environment. Boarding school is also excellent preparation for the challenges of university and adult life. Thus, it’s no surprise that students who attend boarding school tend to enjoy high rates of success in both education and employment.

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