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Golden rules when choosing a wedding dress

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Lots of brides looking for information on wedding dresses will find London offers a huge choice in styles and fashion designers but there are some golden rules to remember.

Indeed, when it comes to finding wedding dresses London offers an excellent and easy way of delivering what a bride wants because there are so many excellent wedding dress boutiques located close to each other in the capital and they offer a good range of designers too.

The first important rule to remember when looking at wedding dresses in London is that it’s crucial to be comfortable. Comfort is key and when trying on a dress and the bride should ensure they can move around easily when wearing it.

This means they will need to walk up and down stairs, sit down comfortably and also, this could be important, they need to make it to the loo when necessary.

There’s no doubt a bride may be spending around 12 hours in their wedding dress so it needs to be very comfortable.

That’s a big ask for a lot of brides since they will be looking for a wedding dress that is also stylish, eye-catching and within their budget.

However, there’s also another important rule that needs to be considered and that is whether the bride wants to use a heirloom, for instance their mother’s or grandmother’s wedding veil.

If so, there will be an impact on the type of wedding dresses London offers though boutique owners will have had to accommodate these requests many times before so the bride will need to take their veil or heirloom along with them to a fitting to ensure it suits the dress.

Wedding dress experts will also caution brides to be wary of choosing a fashionable wedding dress and then being disappointed when the veil they have brought with them doesn’t quite work with the dress they have fallen in love with.

Another important tip when looking at wedding dresses in London is to take photographs, if the boutique owner will permit it, and also take detailed notes of the bride to help remember the dress and the reasons why they liked it.

Finally, while it’s great fun to look at wedding dresses London offers an opportunity to spend a day or two in the capital to enjoy the sights so a bride and their party can take time out to discuss what they like and do not like over lunch or dinner, for instance.

However, this also means that the bride should also limit the size of their party when looking at wedding dresses since there may be too many opinions being offered which may cause a distraction for the bride and the type of dress they want to wear for their wedding.

For all brides looking for dresses, London delivers on every level whether they are looking for a traditional dress or something more unusual and with so many boutiques in the centre it’s possible to look at a broad cross-section of designers, wedding dress shops and accessories for a bride’s big day.

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