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Final trafficker in cockle picker gang jailed

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Yan Li was sentenced to 3 years as Judge Sean Morris said that she, “Turned a blind eye” to the origins of the £400,000 which was transfered in and out of Yan Li’s bank account from an addresses in the West Midlands (Oriental Medical Centres).

For many Morecambe residents the tragedy which killed 21 Chinese cockle pickers in Morecambe Bay seemed initially as an accident involving a group of hardworking people, who lived cramped up in a house in conditions hard to imagine. However, as the puppets have been dragged through the courts (Yan Li, sister Bo Li and her partner Anthony Whale) the weight of the crimes are crushing – human trafficking, exploitation of illegal immigrants and money laundering and some would even suggest that the ‘accident’ of the deaths of 21 cockle pickers should be classified as murder rather than manslaughter.

Li admitted the 29 counts of money laundering between September 02 and November 06.

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