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(36) Caroline
Sat, 4 February 2012 14:58:23 +0000

I came to Morecambe from Northampton to live nearly 6 years ago. Unfortunately I live in the West End. This area is not a friendly area if you are perceived as "posh" and come from the south of England. I find myself misunderstood at every turn. Even telling someone they looked good was met with an aggressive response. The streets are paved with dog poo and the alleys are full of bags of rubbish and old telly's. I absolutely cannot wait to leave. Another part of Morecambe may be a nicer experience but don't live in the West End if you are a well-spoken southerner.

(35) Sheila Rowe
Sun, 27 November 2011 08:29:10 +0000

Does anyone remember the Aqua Lovelies --synchronised swimmers who performed during the 40s and 50s? My mum was one of them and I wondered if anyone had any photos or memories?

(34) I Maddox
Tue, 25 October 2011 23:20:01 +0000

As a born & bred Morecambrian
I just happened to stumble across the Morecambe web pages one evening whilst surfing. As I consider myself being born & bred in Morecambe I was very pleased to see that Morecambe actually had a web page. WELL DONE & KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
As myself just returning from a recent visit to Morecambe to see my parents I happen to have very fond memories of my child hood in and around Morecambe ( E.g. Williamson park, Crabbing in Sandylands paddling pool, the old stone jetty for fishing that has now been extended, central & Westend piers (now gone with storm & fire), actually performing on stage at the Winter Gardens, Heysham head watching the karting, standing at old Morecambe railway station waiting to catch a train ( now the platform ) ETC
I know that the Morecambe site has fairly recent & very old photos, but why not more photos from the 1960s to 1990s photos including the surrounding areas. Why should we let the good times and child hood memories die from anyone who has taken photos of Morecambe. Let’s admit things do change and people do move away but it’s no excuse not to share your photos. I know I would visit the Morecambe site more often to see photos of old Morecambe from amateurs & the pros alike. So come on to the likes of the visitor newspaper, and for the people who have albums full of old Morecambe photos, get them scanned in and sent to this site
Even if any of you can post any links to picture sites like the one below then I think everyone would appreciate it, as Morecambe has changed over the last 48 years and memories are fading fast.
Here is the link I have found useful,

I hear people say “Morecambe is going down hill” but it is just changing as a lot of places are, and you remember the good times. No matter where you live you start taking the place for granted and over look the things that are around you. The fact is people have a lot of happy memories of it and there used to be more entertainment.

Below are some of the things I really miss since moving away from Morecambe. I just wonder how many other people remember the good times. A WORD for all you lucky people who still live there, What ever you do don't take the things I have mentioned for granted but remember & treasure as the views across the bay are something special.
The things that re kindle my memories:
1) Awaking in my bed to the cry of gulls that had perched themselves on top of the chimneys pots.
2) The sound of the ferry boat trains clanking by as they make their way to Heysham sometimes with a toot or a whistle as they approach the Scholar Green crossing.
3) The distant shouting and screams of people on the fast rides at the pleasure park as the sun slowly goes down over the bay. (1970s)
4) The sound of the bellowing fog horn in the distance as the fog rolls in off the sea.
5) The sun slowly setting across the bay like a huge fireball, always different.
6) The waves gently lapping onto the shore or crashing down like thunder when the storms were here.
7) Walking down the Prom on a crisp and cold winter’s day wrapped up in your warmest clothes, wondering where any other passing people were going.
8) Walking down the prom & around Happy Mount Park a gaze at all the illuminations and themed sets.
9) Gazing across the bay on a clear night looking at all the twinkling lights & trying to guess all the towns names.
10) The crawling traffic down the prom when the illuminations were switched on. (1970s)
11) The changing seasons and watching the snow covered peaks of the Lakes, Pennines & Lancashire moors go from icing sugar topped, to multi coloured greens & golden browns.
12) Standing at the end of the central & west end piers looking down at the water through the decking or far out across the bay.
13) The calmness of the water and the wreckage left behind after the storms in the autumn & winter.
14) Standing at old Morecambe railway station on a wet a dreary day waiting for the next train to Lancaster
15) The smell of Fish and chips as you walk leisurely down the prom at night.
16) The taste of the fresh salt air that some how takes your breath away the following day.
17) The feel of sand between your toes after paddling or playing on the beach (yes there used to be sand at Morecambe)
18) The horrible wet feeling after being caught in the drizzle & rain that shrouds the bay many times.
19) Crabbing in Sandy lands paddling pool with muscles tied to a piece of string, pitting your skill against your mates seeing who could catch the most.
20) Dodging all the holiday makers on a hot sunny afternoon as you ride down the prom on your pushbike.
21) Getting up at the crack of dawn to go fishing off the pipeline with your dad, first digging for lug & lob worm. (RIP dad 2011)
22) The smell of burnt karting fuel and screaming engines as you watch the karts navigate the track at Heysham head. (1970s)
23) Playing hide and seek on the thin paths twinning across the sunny slopes (cliffs just past Sandilands) or even more devilish riding your bike on them!
So don’t forget get those photos sent in , the ones that would be of greatest interest would be, the old stone jetty & both piers, the winter gardens, the stone paddling pools on the beach, old Morecambe bus station on Euston rd, old St Marys infant / junior school since it is now gone. Our Ladys High School Lancaster. Illuminations on the prom & happy mount park. Any photos over the Bay looking at the snow covered lake district. The old railway station at Morecambe. General photos looking up & down the prom. Mobby Dick docked , the town hall gardens. Poulton square and the old market.

Kindest regards & happy memories to all from
I Maddox

(33) ian w
Tue, 18 October 2011 17:27:07 +0000

i have lived im morecambe all my life and have seen the steady decline of the place as a resort but its the state of the winter gardens and the lack of vision that saddens me most.
its about time that those in charge took a look at what entertainment events were successful in the recent past such as the bands at the dome such as joe bonnamassa,and aim to get acts at a similar level in their careers to perform in the theatre if they ever get it open again. they will not sustain it financialy if they go down the road the council did with the dome or indeed the previous owners of the winter gardens i.e. booking shows like the good old days etc get the young people on board book acts that pay and they might have a chance lets hope so

(32) Matt
Thu, 1 September 2011 08:53:08 +0000
url  email

Hi Irene,

You make some great points. I completely agree with the small simple stuff making a huge difference. I think trampolines are a great idea!

There is still the train link. It was just pushed back from the prom to a new smaller station. But it's not that far from the front.

Have you registered on the forums here?

If not, register. It would be great to have more of your thoughts and comments.



(31) Irene
Fri, 19 August 2011 20:06:44 +0000

sorry forgot to say when that was- late 60's - what a time! and what bands we saw on Central Pier!!

(30) Irene
Fri, 19 August 2011 20:04:57 +0000

Hi all. I lived here all my teenage years - leaving to go to college but coming back over several years since mum was still here.
It was a fantastic place to grow up- safe- great sea to swim in- fantastic lido(if you didn't mind the cold)- a good school (Morecambe Grammar) and lots of chance to earn some holiday money with all the guest houses, cafes etc. coffee shops, the roller rink on West End Pier, dancing on Central pier, swimming off Sandylands Prom, seeing the variety shows, so much fun to be had at very little cost too- brilliant. Went back a year ago and couldn't understand why most of the assets Morecambe had have vanished. Ok- piers do burn down the Winter Garden too, but why put a giant polo mint tube right on the prom? why lose the rail link through to Lancaster? why demolish the 1930'2 lido when it supported the Midland's design so well? why increase the shabby aspects of the town and ignore the pleasant ones.
I'm sure if the council could have ruined the beautiful views they would have done.
It's a waste that a seaside town has no swimming pool for the children. It's difficult for them to get onto the beach because of the sea defences, even the tidal swimming pool at Sandylands prom was a free asset and well used- why get rid of it? Someone needs to take a long look at holiday trends and realise that Morecambe has such natural advantages it shouldn't take that much effort to make it marvelous again.
we need simple entertainment, access to the sea and sea bathing, trampolines, skating (all low investment activities) for children and teens to enjoy - instead there are bars and more bars and tat as soon as you step into the streets behind the prom. Good to see Happy Mount Park looking as beautiful as I remembered it though. And the Midland is fantastic.
I still feel nostalgic for the place.

(29) Brenda Garner
Mon, 1 August 2011 17:58:48 +0000

Hi Pam


I think you will find an enormous difference in Morecambe since you were last here, but there seems to be too much apathy for anyone to do anything. But the Bay is still as beautiful as ever!

(28) Pam Sommerville
Sat, 23 July 2011 09:11:22 +0000

1977-1981 I worked at Pontins, Middleton Tower,Heysham. Had nights out in Morcambe and did shopping here too. Not been back since but I am going to. Some VERY happy memories of that time.

(27) John Smith
Sun, 6 March 2011 22:35:39 +0000

My wife and I must be gluttons for punishment but we love Morecambe. It may be run down and still running but we will be back there next month. We hope to see some signs of improvement this time but not holding our breath. Sorry to see even Hitchens had closed the last time we were there. Surely there must be some entepreneurial locals who can get together and do something for the long term good of the town. Some good quality shops should be a priority and less of the pound and charity shops there are now, sorry no disrespect to Charity Shops at least they have some decent things.

(26) carol
Wed, 26 January 2011 19:42:02 +0000

Hiya morecambe is there anyone out there who remembers the retirement homes that were on the sea front, my great grandmother was in one in the 60s,I am trying to find out if there was a lot of them or just a few and any names would be gratefully apreciated thanx carol.

(25) Mrs B 13
Sun, 3 October 2010 22:02:51 +0000

03/10/10. Hi all in Morecambe. myself and my partner and our 12 yr old daughter are thinking of moving from Birmingham to live in Morecambe, and we were just wondering, would we be welcomed (no offence meant, reason for asking is that we know in certain parts of other counties, e.g. Cornwall and Wales, the people don't tend to like "outsiders" moving to the area) and would it be a good place for us to come and live? would we both get jobs relatively easily, or would we struggle because of high unemployment? We know we could look up facts and figures on the internet, but we would rather hear from people who actually live in the area. Also, are there any particular areas of Morecambe that would maybe be more suitable for a family? Many thanks for any replies, Mrs B

(24) Cheruth Brown
Thu, 9 September 2010 12:56:19 +0000

Love Morecambe...well most of it. Great efforts have been made to improve it e.g. the pier and the beaches too. Love the huge houses with the sea view as you travel out of Morecambe towards Hest Bank...hope to return there when my husband has finally retired. Area for development? Get rid of those horrible tatty shops on the other side of the road with the cheap clothes hanging untidily on the pavement. Not nice!

(23) Morecambe Lover
Wed, 14 July 2010 15:49:20 +0000

(19) Dave
Sat, 24 October 2009 14:58:08 -0500

We stopped in the lake district last weekend and on the way home we decided to call at Morecambe. We have never been to this place before in our lives and to be blunt will never stop here again. It is one of the most run down depressing seaside resorts ever. I see they have spent a bit of money trying to do the front up but the rest of the sea front is dirty and very dated. I actually took a picture of a cafe on a corner (not sure of the name )but the reason i did this was it was the most disguisting cafe i have ever laid eyes on......and it was open!!!!....i called for a macdonalds on the way out and bid the place good ridance. >

So Why come go home and search for the place to waste valuable moments of your life posting such negative knarrow minded trash?

I used to live in the Lake District and now have a holiday flat on the Sandylands Prom at Morecambe (as well as a home in Spain), i am glad people like you will stay away and carry on going to the lakes!!!

I forgive the place for its few failings, the Bay and view is one of the best in the world and the sun sets from the flat are stunning. Open your eyes IDIOT!

(22) Sue Radford
Mon, 28 June 2010 13:20:56 +0000

I grew up in Morecambe. Dad was Manager of Timothy Whites in Regent Road. I went to Lancaster Road, the Grammar School, then the CFE (in the Market in those days!). The Pier, Friday nights - Bob Miller, Kenny Ball, the John Barry 7. Walking home at 2 in the morning on my own and never having to look over my shoulder! Brubecks - Mrs A, Dodo and Nancy. Mrs A's suntan! The Baths (not the swimming pool) and sunbathing on the terrace, walking past Mrs A in skimpy bikini! Playing truant from school to sit in Brubecks! I miss it all. First job at the Infirmary, actually had a key to unlock the front door when I was working on a Saturday morning - imagine that now eh! It was a great place to grow up - many happy memories.

(21) Lynne
Tue, 8 June 2010 19:31:23 +0000


(20) Sarah Jones
Mon, 16 November 2009 00:05:38 +0000

I've been looking up old cinemas of late and found out that 1st stop DIY shop used to be an Odeon cinema back in the day. This explains why I always thought it odd the building was shaped like that and now I know. But it's sadding in a way but it looks like it was a fantastic building. I'm guessing it shut out due to the odeon in Lancaster got the most audience during Morecambe's decline...and now that lovely art deco landmark is at this moment being demolished.

What happened to Morecambe that cause this huge decline in tourists? Air travel, the lost of the piers, the updating of Blackpool's attractions, money to spend of updating our attractions, the allowing of the attractions to decay, etc, etc. If Morecambe wants to get off it's ass and bring the people in they need to look in to the past and see how they did it the first time round.

Selling Frontierland was a mistake, but that Sky car thing was a bit of a death trap (nearly fell off it...had to hold on to dear life to the bars).

Anyway, even though Morecambe doesn't have much to offer in the ways of entertainment (apart from Megazone which is awesome) I still miss it.

(19) Dave
Sat, 24 October 2009 19:58:08 +0000

We stopped in the lake district last weekend and on the way home we decided to call at Morecambe. We have never been to this place before in our lives and to be blunt will never stop here again. It is one of the most run down deppressing seaside resorts ever. I see they have spent a bit of money trying to do the front up but the rest of the sea front is dirty and very dated. I actually took a picture of a cafe on a corner (not sure of the name )but the reason i did this was it was the most disguisting cafe i have ever laid eyes on......and it was open!!!!....i called for a macdonalds on the way out and bid the place good ridance.

(18) DAVID
Wed, 14 October 2009 14:12:50 +0000

Born in morecambe so sandgrown and proud.lived till my late teens in morecambe visit as much as i can family still live there.was great place to grow up many happy times .noticed went i decline for number of years but seen great steps forward over past few years to get back where it use to be.if was not for employment prospects would move back t/moz still working on it and hope to move back one day.great people and place but need to keep moving forward keep it up mffyx

(17) zia
Wed, 15 July 2009 14:43:20 +0000
url  email

By Tim Whitnall
Starring Bob Goolding

In commemoration of 25 years since the great man’s untimely death, a glorious, moving portrait of the affectionate lad with funny bones, born entertainer, big-hearted perfectionist….’the tall one with glasses’.

From Morecambe Pier to ‘Andre Preview’, from tumbleweed to Glenda Jackson this is surely destined to be one of the hits of Edinburgh 2009.

Writer Tim Whitnall has created a delicious, deliriously funny memorial to a man that held the mantle of ‘Britain’s best loved comic’.

Directed by solo maestro Guy Masterson (12 Angry Men, Scaramouche Jones etc)

Assembly @The Mound. Rainy Hall 16.10 (17.35)




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