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Frontierland and Bubbles swimming pool are both closed, so do not travel just to see them, or you will be disappointed. Click HERE for some recent photo's of the Promenade

It's amazing how people throughout the world are browsing the site. America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many more. One thing's for sure, Morecambe is quite firmly on the map with friends and family everywhere.

We do need more input from readers, i.e. do send us your Jokes, Stories, Poems, Pictures and we'll load them on the site. Put forward your points of view and we'll paint it on 'The Wall'. Set up your own readers corner for: Trains, Fishing, Pen-pals... anything, use the web site as a drop zone and let it work for you!

This season is going to be a very busy and exciting one for the visitors and locals alike, there's plenty of events and concerts in the area to keep everyone happy. Take a look at 'Events' page to see just a small sample of 'What's On' in Morecambe.


Perhaps you'd like to sign the Visitors Book and leave a few comments, we're always happy to hear from you.

Agony Aunt LIVE!

It's NEW, It's exciting, It's FUN. Yes at last, the moment you've all been waiting for, the Web Famous Agony Angel is here to help you with your problems!... Be There!

Chat Live!

You can now chat live to people from all over the world. We have suggested times to meet, but let us know if you would like additional times. Chat

Readers Corner

Send us your stuff!. We want to give you what you want. so... send it to us. Have your hobbies on the site etc. It's up to you


Send us your letters, so we may publish them on the site. Anything goes, so air your views and share your thoughts.

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Eric Morecambe

A lot of interest has been shown in the new statue of Eric. It is situated on the promenade about 200 yards to the right of Bubbles splash pool.

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...and YES you can now buy statues of Eric by the original sculptor Graham Ibbeson


As we are receiving feedback from all over the world, I thought it might be a good idea if we set up a pen-pals page.

If you would like a pen-pal simply send us a brief e-mail stating what type of person you are, include a few interests and of course you e-mail address. We will then put your details on the Pen-Pals page for browsers to e-mail you. once you are happy with the response, e-mail us back and we will remove your details from the pen-pals page.

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