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Eric Morecambe


 Eric Morecambe A Tribute to a Great Man

Eric Morecambe (Born John Eric Bartholomew) 1926 - 1984
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Eric the Comedian, Eric the Family Man, Eric the Legend

A fitting tribute to one of the most famous duos ever. Morecambe & Wise
and although the statue is only of Eric, I'm sure everyone will remember Ernie
with the same love and warm affection .

.... ....

The statue created by sculptor Graham Ibesson was unveiled by her Majesty the Queen on July 23rd 1999

It stands at the top of the stairs in a purpose built circle surrounded by beautiful flower beds.
On the floor you can read various related messages, from the names famous guests on the Morecambe
& Wise show to key words like 'RUBBISH' and the words from 'Bring me Sunshine'.
Keep remembering to look up now and again or you might bump into somebody!


The Statue is about 200 yards to the right of stone jetty

More about Eric

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A fitting poem kindly donated to the town and people of Morecambe for all the world to read,...

Morecambe Bay
by Martin A. Barnes. Canada

As I sit on the shore in the town of my birth,

I gaze out to sea and know there is no finer view on earth,

The lakeland hills etched against the sky like wet clumps of paper left to dry,

Valleys too of green and gold like a beautiful tapestry too precious to hold.

The sun beats down on a sea of blue, and as if taking a cue,

The seagull's cry and dip and whirl.

This view must surely be England's pearl.


Evening comes and the sun sinks low,

Oh the joy of that sun-set glow,

Behind the mountain peaks and in every fold

Across the bay a path of molten gold,

No words of mine or brush however fine could paint such a scene,

Only our eyes can feast upon this view,

This beauty by the Creator, the artist unseen.