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The Morecambe website has been designed to be an interactive, colourful, informative and fun place to visit on the Internet. Being able to grow and develop with no fixed boundaries, allowing the browsers to play more of a role in structuring the site, so it will never become out of date and always have something special to offer. A place where the public and businesses alike feel comfortable together and can go hand in hand to the future.

The website is being visited by people both in the UK and all over the world, from Heysham to Torquay, Canada to Australia. People ranging from students to old age pensioners from business men to ex-Morecambe residents that have emigrated to foreign parts and can't wait to get back for a visit. One things for sure, they all have one thing in common, a love of Morecambe, they want to know everything, from 'what's on' and where to stay, to how the town is developing.

Browsers visiting the Morecambe website will see your advertisements and see that you are a company with your finger pressed firmly on the pulse of technology. Generating a greater awareness of your company, allowing you to take advantage of new business opportunities by advertising in a very tasteful and direct way... 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Why advertise on the website ?...

Ask yourself this question: Would you place an advertisement in a newspaper that has guaranteed readership, or would you publish your own newspaper and hope that people notice it?

If you search for Morecambe on Google we come TOP

So why not enjoy the benefits of advertising on, it makes perfect sense. Guaranteed readership, choice of presence, from one page to several pages, all within the morecambe site (effectivaly your own website) at a fraction of the cost of hosting your own site.

Page Advertising...
All businesses in the Morecambe area are entitled to a
listing in the various directories for just £25 per year, consisting of
name, address and telephone number.

You can link your address listing to a full blown advertisement for your company. ie, a browser clicks on your address details which automatically brings up a new page/pages with your company profile in more detail, offering services and special offers unique to people visiting your pages.

Once your are live on the you could start to promote your pages by placing a tag line on your usual press/advertising material. eg. see us on the Internet on

Imagine... you can have a presence on the internet for a fraction of the cost of having your own site, with a much wider audience.

All the following price guides are PER YEAR,
that's 24 hours a day 365 days.

Option 1
Web Space including page design: An A4 page is charged at £120 per page, this will include copy and 2 or 3 photos or logos etc.

Option 2
Web Space only: Charged at £50 per A4 page. This is assuming you have facilities for designing your own pages or an agency or someone to design them for you! Simply e-mail your pages to us and we will upload them to the site. There is a one off £30 set up fee for this service.

Option 3
A link from your directory listing: If you already have a website of your own we can create a link from the Morecambe site directory listing. This means when a browser clicks on the address link, it will take the browser from the Morecambe site to yours. The charge for this link is £45 per year.
(If you are a registered charity links are free of charge)

Please Note: If you do design your own pages, they will be censored before they are published on the site to make sure they are moral, legal and in no way misleading to anyone browsing the site.!

Banner Advertising...
Your advertising Banner will be displayed at or near the top of each relevant page. People browsing the site will also be able to click on your banner which will take them to either your own individual page on the morecambe site or linked to your website (should you have one)

Advertising banners cost from £300 to £20,000 per year, ask for details.


Click HERE to see Caroline - Agony Angel advertising Banner

Please send an email stating where on the site you would like to advertise and what your budget is.

We will always try to accommodate any request.

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