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Sean Barry-Weske, - Huntington Beach. California. USA - email:

I remember, in the early 1960's coming to Morecambe in a show called "Wild Violets" with Derek Roy. We played at the Winter Gardens Theatre for two weeks out of a thirteen week tour, travelling all over the country. I remember Morecambe especially, because that was the only town where the cast members out numbered the audience. We 'died a death' those two weeks. The only other outstanding memory I have is when I telephoned Albert Modley to come and visit me 'backstage', which he did. Twenty years earlier we were in a Film together called "Bob's Your Uncle" and we had a great 'getting together' that night. Morecambe IS a beautiful place to visit and I shall never forget her.

Sean, memories, like the corners of my mind, misty water coloured memories, of the way we were.

Simon Q, - Morecambe, Country : duh! let me think

All these comments made by these people are hard to believe. they go on like morecambe is one of the best resorts in the world. what the hell are they taking? its making me wonder whether one person is just making all these names up just to make it look like plenty of people come to the website.

Hi Simon, from, let's assume it's UK and not Morecambe a small town in Texas or Morecambe a front room in Australia! duh! I must admit I make up all the names on all the pages. No-one ever emails me and I am a sad lonely person with nothing better to do with my time than invent an imaginative Eden of nostalgia, fun, heartache, frustration and hope. A world that only exists in my small inebriated mind for readers to be miss lead and confused by, because Morecambe is a small town with no history and no future! We do get around 7,000 users every month hitting various sections of the website so there is plenty of interest in this figment of my imagination and this month it will be 7,001 including you, that's if you exist or did I make you up! Anyway, my therapists tells me having multiple personalities can sometimes be an advantage. you can collect 20 pay cheques instead of just one. oops sorry I forgot, we don't get paid!






How long is it, look here for some interesting facts about who started the lights in years gone by.

Also Peter, is life so dull in Bradford that you dream of a Telegraph Pole? Sorry, I forgot, It will take your mind off the recent riots. You know, I think it's time you moved to Morecambe. You'll have a heck of a riot here! and if anyone takes offence to my comment, well 'the Mother-in-law lives in Bradford and the sooner we get her out of there the better! Well, my son is 13 today and we're going to get him a BMX, not that he can do stunts or even walk in a straight line, but it's what he wants and if it lasts him 2 weeks, I'll be happy. I keep meaning to see a therapist but I can save money by talking to one of my many split personalities!

Spotted this in the latest issue of Private Eye. regarding the future of the Midland Hotel and I thought it might be good to share.



Cheers Dave, Private Eye are always good at getting to the bottom of things.

Karen-Jane Wilson, - The Haque, The Netherlands - e-mail :

Hallo, I find your site very usefull for information about Morecambe and her people. My father lived in Morecambe for many years until he met my mother and they moved to Clitherroe, my sister was born there, i was born in the Netherlands. My father and mother already lives for more than 30 years in the Netherlands, but they go for the holidays to Morecambe. My grandparents are burried in Morecambe, i never knew them. I'm going to visit Morecambe in the coming years because i want to know where my familie comes from. Keep it going with this site. Was there a pals bataljon from Morecambe in the First World War?

Greeting from the Netherlands

Hi Karen-Jane, I was hyphenated once, I couldn't walk for a week! Although some things have changed over the years, Morecambe is still Morecambe and you will be able to feel at home when you visit. I'm sure it will give you happy memories and put some pieces to the jigsaw puzzle in place.

Dave, - Glenwood, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada - e-mail :

Well here we are a year later and I thought that I should let you know that the positive ripples from 9/11 are still moving. Some of the stranded passengers from last year are back on the Rock to help commemorate the events from last year and to visit and say thanks for the hospitality they received. Gifts and money are still coming in. Friends who had a couple stay at their house last September are getting married at month end. They sent an invitation to their new friends and today received round-trip tickets to New York City, for their honeymoon. The trip includes accommodation, a Broadway show, guided tours and lots more. A school in Lewisporte had some execs from the Rocker- feller Foundation stay there. They received $50,000.00 USD for the school (That's abt $87,000.00 CDN) from the Foundation. Our school has rcv'd money and gifts from many of the people who stayed here and we have just put in a carved, Nfld. granite bench in one of our small green spaces. It is a thank you from those who stayed here.

The community across the river, Appleton, has actually built a memorial in a new riverside park. It will be dedicated later this month. T.V. and radio crews are all over the place this week. Janet, who is now the mayor, was interviewed for National TV this morning. She is invited to attend a special ceremony at the airport tomorrow. The Prime Minister will be in attendance, and it is turning into quite a media event (unfortunately). She is also included in a story in the book "The Day the World Came to Town, 9/11" by Dan Defede. A man from Nigeria is back visiting with people in Gambo, just to say a proper thank you, he said in a radio interview. All this fuss seems strange to some of us who just did what had to be done but a lady from NYC who was at our house looked me right in the eye and said "No we wouldn't! We just wouldn't", when I said that they would do the same for us if the situation was reversed. She was quite serious. It is a sad comment on society when a normal, everyday act of kindness evokes such a reaction.

As I said last year, life goes on, but for some it will never be the same and I guess this is true.

Right now I'm not too sure who to be afraid of... Religious factions who seem to have no regard for human life or an administration that will justify a pre-emptive strike to take out an old ally. And they will. By the end of this month the US will have convinced most of their population and a lot of the "free" world that is had to be done.

The department of dirty tricks must be working overtime. They say that truth is the first casualty in war but in this one is appears to be human rights and freedom of speech. To end on a more positive note.... We had a great summer, a fantastic growing season and some nice camping trips around the Island. We had frost on the 6th. & 7th. but the garden survived. I got the pond, fountain and stuff put in but it is a work in progress. Now I'm dragging beach rocks home (as if we didn't have enough rocks out there already) to finish it off. Goldfish and iris next year!! Whatever have I started?

Take care everyone and look for us on TV. We are the two old folks who look like they don't know what the hell is happening. Check out Glenwood at "". We still have a few lots for sale and the mayor is a real nice lady. CUL. Dave

Hi Dave, I think you've said it all. What's this about selling lots?

Mandy Stewart, - Ottawa, Canada

From what I have heard, Heysham is the most beautiful place on earth. I am excited to visit. I plan on sacrificing my school funds to make the trek! Wish me luck!

Mandy, don't sacrifice you school fund for a trek, you'd be better off using the money to go to the pictures!... mind you, I suppose Heysham is sorta nice, well, on a sunny day with little wind, ah and it has to be spring, no!, strike that, summer, no!, autumn, no! winter! well, any time I guess!

Swagata Ghosh, - Sarsuna Satellite Township, Kolkata, West Bengal. INDIA - e-mail :,

I am an accredited journalist from India and I was looking for a website which would give me some information about Morecambe, since I would be accompanying my husband to Lancaster University (where he will be working at his PhD) this October. We have arranged for our stay at Albert Road, Morecambe so we wanted to know more about the place. Thus it is that we managed to find your site.

Having worked as features editor in an online newsportal myself, I have a fair idea of what setting up and running a website is all about and I write to say that your site is impressive. To someone from the other end of the world who has no idea about a lot of basic level information you in Morecambe would seem to take for granted, it came across as extremely informative, attractive and easy to use. The pictures brought alive the sights of the city while the sections on history and the places to visit were an immense help. For the first time, they gave us a 'feel' of where we were going.

Thanks for a nice experience.

Hi Swagata, I do like it when people crawl and say good things about the site. As a journalist, you obviously appreciate the finer parts of the English Language, like wot I do, 'cause it's reit ard, keeping it up tha knows, t'ings just pills up, n u gotta get it done!

Hope you got the personal reply with regards to possible jobs, etc.

D, - Glasgow Scotland

Me and my work colleague have been travelling to Morecambe once a week/fortnight for the last few months. When we are required to stay overnight we've been eating in Alfredo's restaurant in Skipton Street (just off the prom). That food is amazing. Extremely good quality and very reasonable places. Plus, Douglas the waiter is a real good laugh. It's unbelievable that Alfredo's isn't mentioned on this website! Anyone visiting Morecambe should check it out. (people have to ask us to put them on!)

Something that has been puzzling us is a certain dance that seems to go on in Baroque late at night. Whenever the DJ plays this song everyone goes mental and start dancing to it. They all know the moves and they are all in time. Can anyone shed some light on what the song is and why??? (The song had the line low can you go?.... in it).

Hi D, are you trying to get a free meal from'Alfredo's restaurant in Skipton Street (just off the prom)' or is Alfredo you dad. and D' 'how low can you go?' I am mental and can't dance at all, but I bet one of our readers can!

Belinda Elliott (nee Howson), - Bedford, England - e-mail :

I came across this site by accident and I must say I think it's brilliant!! I went to Heysham High School and left in 1987, and over the past few days have gotten in contact with quite a few old friends, but what I really love most about this site is all the nostalgia you bring to it, I am almost in Morecambe in the 60's when my dad, Chris, and mum, Babs were around then, unfortunately I wasnt born until 1971 but all the places that are mentioned the used to talk about! I dont know if any of you will remember my dad but he used to box at the lads club in Lancaster and was quite reknowned for being a bit of a hard knock! He passed away in 1994, three days after I had my daughter prematurely and not a day goes by without me thinking about him. Anyway basically all I wanted to say is I think this site is fantastic and keep up the good work , it's nice to imagine what it was like when you wrinklys were about!!! only kidding I think your great!

Ah, but did you know a steam iron can remove all wrinkles! The site does have a nostalgic feel about it but that's because of the visitors who send their photo's and stories and make an effort to whom I thank very much. It will also make them feel good to read your comments. Some of them may remember your did and if they do, I'm sure they will get in-touch. We do have a lot of young sexy visitors like yourself that pass comments too. Glad you like the site.

Neil Parkinson - Manchester

After visiting Morecambe last week, my first time in a few years I was very disappointed to see Frontierland boarded up and closed down. can you please tell me what caused the decline of this once popular part of the resort,

I have very fond memories of the place (before it became Frontierland) when the Big wheel was located there.

Frontierland became run-down with old fashioned rides and very little to exite anyone for more than an hour, I for one was pleased to see it go. It would be nice if the replacement shopping centre made progress and give shape to the prom.

Me, there, When it gets hot the kass is spreadable. - e-mail : yup

Hi peter just a quick hello........ still not made it back yet.. site still good. gotta go cookin chips n egg washed down with a few pints o Boddingtons.


Hi Sue, washed down, won't that make your chips soggy! I've been thinking about sending your emails to Mi6, they could use them to send secret messages to their agents abroad because i'm sure the BinLarger won't have a clue what they mean!

Mark Toddington, Morecambe - e-mail :

I moved to Morecambe in August 2001 after living in Wolverhampton, West Midlands all my life (25) years. After living in a large city, the culture was immense. I can honestly say, I have never taken so much pride in my surroundings. Morecambe is a lively town, with plenty to offer people of all ages, and from all walks of life. Whether they are visitors or residents. With the many features and attractions available, there is always something to do. I have never felt such a community spirit, and have made many good friends in a relatively short time. I hope that I continue to enjoy Morecambe for many years to come.

Hello Mark, you don't work for the council or tourist office do you! Or could you have been drinking? Whatever you're on, i'll have some too!... It's nice to have possitive comments about the place, thanks.


Had the best time of my life living in Morecambe ('til 1966).Not looked at your site yet

Well don't strain yourself Robert, you're probably only just getting over beating Germany in the World Cup!

Dave - Lancs/Yorks border

There doesn't seem to be too much activity here lately, so I thought I may use this forum to sell a few items.

HALF HOUR DELAY. Would suit busy person wishing to be late. £99 or £180 for one hour.

LOVELY CHAIR. It's yours if you can tell me why I'm selling it, but be quick It's on fire!

1974 SLOW COOKER. Far too slow. Still waiting for boiled egg. £12,

OVER twelve hundred farts in screwtop jars. Some labelled 1978-81. Some vegetarian. £2 each, or offers for collection.

MAN'S BLACK dinner jacket. As new. Would suit me, hence no longer for sale. No offers £150. Do not tel 019929 89978

GUITAR STRINGS £4.50 per pack. Guitar, £400. Guitar case, £15. Lawnmowing incident, regrettable sale. Also gloves.

HOLIDAY PHOTOS 36 exposures. Would suit young couple with two blonde children who've been to Spain.

CHAIR and four matching dining tables. Mail order catalogue error £150

I had an half hour delay once but it was faulty so I took it back (it only lasted 25 minutes)

I didn't telephone 019929 89978 and no-one answered!

I have a reflection for sale which I have captured in a sheet of clear glass that I have carefully backed with silver to stop it escaping! The magical thing about it, is no-matter who looks at the reflection it changes in shape to reflect the person that is looking. It's freaky and misterious to see, it must be worth a fortune!

Andy Greenwood, - Manchester - UK - e-mail :

Whatever happened to Happy Mount Park in Morecambe ?

I remember as a child visiting the Park every year around the time of Blackpool Illuminations, and absolutely loved those evenings there. Since then I've heard rumours of takeovers, theme parks etc etc. but I'd loved to know a bit more of it's history and what stands on the site now. It'd bring back such memories to now take my own children there !

Ok friends please write to Andy and tell him as much as you know. Come on Dave, Elaine, Brian and the rest, If you haven't emailed Andy by the time I've counted to 10 your feet will smell and you will only get 1 number on the lottery this week!

Dave Brown (Sand grown un), - Morecambe - e-mail :

Seems some time since I last posted in here (Easter in fact) so I'll try to be as brief as possible. Midland Hotel: According to the Morecambe Visitor work is currently about 3 months behind schedule due to work on removing Asbestos taking longer than originally intended.

The old Bubbles site: Taylors of Kendal have put a travelling fairground on the site for the summer (if we have one). The former Frontierland site: There still appears to be no movement whatsoever here and I haven't seen owt in the local press.

On a personal level if Keith Shuttleworth who used to live in Lord Street in the 50's sees this please contact me at the above e-mail address. Theres no money involved Keith but it would be good to chat again.

That's all for now folks.Take care!

Thanks Dave, you've become our local reporter, keep the updates coming.

Michael, - Atlanta USA - e-mail :

Just wanted to drop a word commending you for your interesting and useful site! Will be joining you in Morecambe as soon as I wrap up some details here in the Sunny South - hopefully before September. Your site has provided me with some idea of what I'm jumping into and for that I extend my thanks. Look forward to my move all the more so now.

Anybody have a job? THX ;-)

Michael, don't believe anything I say, I'm a habitual liar or am I telling porkies?

With regards to a job, what are you like at saying 'Do you want a flake in that?' or 'Do you want it all in 10p's?' or even 'Wrapped up or eat now?' or have you ever tried Drag? because you could even say 'You are going to meet a tall dark stranger' strike that, I'm thinking of Blackpool. and REMEMBER... the grass is always greener, never look a gift horse in the mouth, a bird in the hand is very nice thank you!

Good luck with the move and don't say I didn't warn you!

PS I don't half talk some rubbish sometimes!... Just six numbers, that's all I need, it's not a lot to ask for!

Dave - Lancs/Yorks Border

Been a while since I last posted, although I am still a regular visitor not only to the site but also Morecambe itself. My partner Becky and I were there recently trying to find a campsite that was Jubilee-free! After visiting several sites we ended up at a campsite in one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages either of us had ever seen: Silverdale. We both decided that we could quite easily move there tomorrow!!

However, Morecambe seems to be slowly getting itself together. We were suprised to see that Bubbles has finally been flattened, and that the Midland is slowly transforming itself into a hotel that Morecambe should be proud of. According to the Midland Hotel exhibition (adjacent to the tourist information booth) it will open in July 2003 and that bookings are now being taken!

Bruccianis is still (thankfully) unchanged, with at least 2 of the original staff still working there! And one thing that will never change (at least until a few billion years' hence) the wonderful sunset over the bay. Ahhhhhhhh!!!

Cheers Dave, You're right, things are looking up! Are you on a commission from the Midland?

Val Roberts (nee Taylor), - Victoria B.C. Canada - e-mail :

Hi John, thanks for the reply.I don't recognise any names but Joan Wilkinson. I went to Euston Rd school and then Morecambe Grammar. Did you ever come and play any matches against us? Who knows, we could have danced together!!

My school pals in California are Kathleen Williams(as was) and Margaret Hill who married Jack Rhodes. We used to call him King of the teddy boys. Super couple. Scouter just mentioned Alexander Rd garage. Albert Modley owned that and my hubby Alan Roberts, worked for him as a mechanic.

Keep rambling on John, so many memories.Even all the years spent in Canada, I still get homesick. Do you remember Barry's cafe, I had a part time job there and oh the ice cream cones and wafers I made!!

When courting I worked weekends at the Highfield cafe by the Whitehall? cinema. In the summer after work finished at 11p.m we would go across the road for a swim in the sea (when the tide was in). Scouter with his map rambling, brings many things to mind.If you ever make it to Victoria, B.C. Scouter, you will have to drop in for a natter. But e-mail
first so you can find us!!

Sorry to digress there John. Keep in touch. Val

Now there was another Val, who worked at the Highfield Cafe, the then owners children Phil and Jeanie would like to say hello, so get in-touch.

Jonathan Egan, - Alta Loma, California, United States - e-mail :

Wow! how fun to see a website on the town I was born in! 1963 at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (I think) on Lancaster Road, I was lucky enough to have spent time at the Midland Hotel and can definately remember the granduer of her even at the tender age of 5!

We lived on the estates on Christie Avenue and fianlly moved to Kirkby Lonsdale before relocating to Western Australia, from the I met and married an American and ended up here in the US.... does anyone remember Anne Marie Blackwell? or Ms. Pickles the teacher from the Morecambe school? Love your site..

Hi Jonathan, we do try to make it fun! The Midland is due to be restored to its former grandure, so we'll have to wait and see what the new owners definition is of restore! I'm sure many people will remember Mrs Blackwell and Ms Pickles, let's see shall we...!

Scouter, - Glenwood, Newfoundland Canada- e-mail :

Once again I'm sitting with the AA road atlas and a copy of Best Foot Forward by Anthony Burton and I go looking for an email address for the Ramblers Association. Well, one thing led to another and before I know it I'm into and the aerial photos of the Lake District. I move on down to Morecambe and then I see Regent Road, Regent Park, # 81, where I used to live and the back street that led directly to the backyard of 7 Alexander Rd, my nanny's house. I used to run that back street as if all the terrors of hell were after me during the blackout. It was pretty scary for a little kid. Looking around a bit more I'm trying to figure out if the allotments behind Balmoral Rd School are still there. I can't find St. Patrick's Church or St. Mary's, or St. Mary's School. Westgate is easily identified and I can see my Grandmother's house. There has been a lot of build up and the old "Gypsy" caravan park just over the RR line has expanded to a huge mobile home area. There used to be a family living in the fuselage of a plane there just after the war. I know that the people who lived there were really having a hard time of it.

There used to be a pathway around a field (with horses) just past the caravans that led through to Oxcliffe Rd. I had a friend, Shamus McGlaughlin who lived out there and we use to take the paths and lanes to the back of his house. Just past this field the army had a training area with trenches and scaffolds with hanging dummies for bayonet practice. I see a that the "gasometer" is still there but again the urban sprawl is all around. Again, these images bring back a lot of childhood memories and I am pleasantly surprises to realize that I remember more than I thought and that most of the memories are reasonably accurate.

If you've never had a bird's eye view of England then I recommend that you check out the multimap site. It is worth the trip. I mentioned earlier about having to adjust to the distances on maps from Canada to England. I anyone wants go get some perspective on crossing Canada check out to find out about jogging from St. John's to Vancouver. Anne left Nfld in April and does not figure on arriving in BC until some time in September. Not bad for a lady from Limerick. That's it for now. Thanks for the space and any answers people might have about what I remember. CUL.

Scouter, how are you doing? You must spend more time on the map than breathing! It's good that your memory is so sharp, just be carefull you don't cut yourself as I do with my strange and nonsensical wit!

Andrew - Edinburgh, Scotland - e-mail :

Hi all,

I was at Morecambe again at the weekend and was having a look around. All of Bubbles is tarmacced and no more with fairground rides from taylors on the site. No work started at Frontierland yet? Will it ever? Polo Tower still rotting away and Golden Nugget arcade and Ranch House open.

Frontierland Remembered: The Once Great Theme Park Lives On

Hi Andrew, I think you should sneak in 900 tons of iron girders and build a new theme park when no-one is looking... I won't tell anyone!

John Bower, - Morecambe - e-mail : jbo

Hi Val - pleased to hear that my ramblings about Morecambe in my teenage years brought back a few memories of your youth and my apologies for calling us all "wrinklies" - I was referring to myself of course. I'm sure that you're not a wrinkly Val.

We must have met up somewhere along the line you know as we seem to have been at the same places at the same time. The Tower on Saturday nights,

The Central Pier, Big Bands at the Winter Gardens on Sunday nights and Smith's on Sunday afternoons. I can't recall dancing on roller skates though but double seats at the Palladium !! (The Ranch House?) Ah yes - I remember them well.

Even if we didn't actually meet we must surely have had friends in common. For the record I went to West End Primary School and then to Lancaster Grammar (1941-1948). As it was an all boys school most of my girl friends in those days were from Lancaster Girls Grammar (we all used to meet up on the old L6 Morecambe to Lancaster buses) or from Morecambe Grammar which was of course a mixed school.

Perhaps if I mention a few names they may strike a few chords. Joan Wilkinson, Jebby Metcalfe, Joyce Senior, Audrey Smith, Margaret Dean, Ian Smith, Bob Evenden, Laurie Parkinson, Chippy Wood, Joe Atkinson (and uncle Tom Cobley and all - I could go on and on).

Or if you let me know some names of your friends from those days Val they may ring a few bells. And who are your two school chums now are living in California?

I'd better make this brief as my last letter in the Visitor's Book turned into a thesis and my epistle on "Coffee Bars we have known and loved" on the Bulletin Board drew a few sarcastic comments - I did go on a bit didn't I? Once I start reminiscing there's no stopping me.

So all the best for now Val and all you other Vistor's Book and Bulletin Board readers.

Cheers - John

Hi John, your memories longer than my inside leg measurement, deeper than the deepest sea and older than the first Elephant, mine unfortunately is shorter than a Goldfish... now what was I talking about!

Scouter, - Glenwood, Newfoundland, Canada- e-mail:

So, I'm sitting here with a 2002 AA Road Atlas of GB and checking out a few locations that have been floating around in my memory since the last time I visited these places. That would be in the mid 1940s. I remember trips with the train packed with people, civilians, soldiers, carrying rifles, airmen and sailors.

We went to London once and I can remember sleeping in the "tubes". My nanny, who lived at 7 Alexander Rd (last house on the left before you got to Balmoral??) had relatives in Loftus, North Skelton and Brotton and I remember Redcar, Saltburn (incline railway???), Whitby (how many steps up to the Abbey??) and a black material (jet?) that was made into crosses and souvenirs. Also the the harbour. Are the coal mines still active in that area?

We used to go on bus tours to the Lake District but this must have been after 1945 because the garage on Alexander Rd was back in civilian hands. It must have been taken over by Transport during the war. We used to go up, around and back in one day. Now I can see the routes we must have taken on the charabanc to Windermere, Ullswater (Sir Malcolm Campbell??), Derwent and the rest. Kendal, Buttermere, Keswick, Coniston, the Old Man, all bring back faint memories. It is difficult to adjust to a map that covers less than 100 miles across two pages. It is like driving across Canada with provincial maps on your lap as you go.

When you get to PEI, the map still takes up as much room on your lap as all the others but you have to adjust to the fact that unless you get stuck behind a tractor and some farm equip-ment you can drive across the province in abt 30 minutes and from one end to the other in a morning or an afternoon. How many miles from Land's End to John O'groats???

My mother used to have a saying about that but I can't remember it. And how long would it take to drive across from Morecambe to Whitby? How long would it take to hike from Brighton to Ballachulish via Gretna Green if I didn't stop to watch a wedding on the anvil? Would Elaine have a cold pint or a drop of Glenfiddich when I arrived?? I have a trip across Newfoundland planned and I estimate 28 to 35 days. Over there I would definitely be taking a long walk on a short pier before I finished. My grandparents lived in Barrow and I remember going on the train.

There was a stop at Grange-over-Sands or Ulverston where lavender used to grow, near the station I think. Barrow had a Regents park, with row boat rentals. It was over the bridge from the train station. And the museum. There was an ironmongers on the way from the station to 48 McClintock St. and I met the son of the owner in Aneheim, California in 1976 and we camped in his backyard (V.W. Westfalia) in 1976 for a week when we went to Disney- land, but that's a whole other story. I think I could still get from the station to McClintock Street without getting lost. Copperknob??? an old engine with a history??

This road atlas is a good read, even if the storyline wanders. I think I will be doing some armchair hiking from the old Lazyboy this summer. I know that you can never go home again and perhaps it is just as well. As faint as they may be, the memories are still good. The nightmares stopped long ago even though my skin still crawls when I hear an air raid siren on an old war movie. We still have snow in the woods but it is time to get the tiller out and tuned up. The trailer (caravan) will be hauled out next week and we have a trip planned for the May 24 weekend. I need a good long walk on a beach and some wind and salt air. We've made it through another one and are looking forward to the change in seasons.

Take care everyone. TTFN. Dave.

Hi Dave, It's good to use a road map to travel through time. I'm going to try it this weekend. We're going to Bridlington and hopefully, if I read the map right, we should be able to arrive half an hour before we set off!

Viet_cong, - place where love stories begin., boy with thumb in dyke land - e-mail : yup got 1

Hello Morecambe.

Site still good peter, would like to send my Love to Bab's and say how sorry i am to hear About Weldon's death.Weldon being the owner of a few watering holes in Morecambe.. Maggies Bar ..the old porkys and Wellington wine Bar. Also to Ne1 who knew Bob would of been his birthday on Sunday 21st April.....Thanx to Tracy for doing the rose bit on his spot at the Parish Church.Thanx to all my freinds who supported me when he died. And a massive thanx to Keni best mate in the whole world. Suppose Morecambe will be buzzing soon ..wish i was there. Keep up the good work Peter. might come in chat tonight.
take care now.

Hi Sue, you forgot to say hello to uncle Tom Cobbly! Next you'll be listing the entire phone directory! Sorry to all, I missed the chat last night a mad rush job came in of Friday and we have worked through for 36 hours without a break (My eyes have gone square with continually looking at the screen), I'll be there next Saturday at 10pm and I'll find someone to deal the aces!

Val Roberts (nee Taylor) - Victoria B.C.Canada - e-mail :

Hi John Bower,

I really enjoyed your letter and the memories of the days of my teens. I was beginning to think that there was no-one of that era around anymore.. Or the WRINKLIES as you called us didn't know about the site, or weren't into computers. I'm with you we can't let the young take over!!!.

Reading through it was, been there, done that,oh, what memories.Crazy nights at the tower.All the teddy boys that mostly went to the Central pier dances.

Big bands and stars at the Winter Gardens, Dancing on roller skates. Roller skating in the band arena. Ices from Bruciannis and many coffees at Smiths.Sitting in the double seats at the Palladium.

Walking across the bay from Hest Bank.Swimming in the sea at Midnight in the summer. Getting excited wondering what film star was coming to the Miss Great Britain contest at the baths. On and on.What schools did you go to? Two of my school chums that I went right through school with are in California and we keep in touch, follow the site and always talk about our youth in Morecambe, and all visit when we can.. Hope you'll have more to chat about.

Hi Val (unusual name for a knee!) Do you think that in future years, people will look back and remember current days with the same love as yesteryear! Somehow I think not! Oh happy days!

Paul Trickett, - oldham, lancs - e-mail :

Morecambe used to be a good family entertainment. Myself and my family used to love Frontierland now they are going to replace it with another freeport shopping complex, I for one won't be visiting, what a waste of a nice costal resort.

Hi Paul, and I was going to buy you a pint!

Stevie Gibson, - Morecambe, England - e-mail :

First of all absoluetly great site. This town deserves the acclaim of so many and far. it's a shame to think, being a sand grown,un myself that certain others can only be so negative all the time. Please can someone send me an e-mail as i've never had one sent before. Thanks, oh and keep up the good work...

Hi Stevie, hope you got my email, I think everyone else will send you one too! Come on peeps send him an email

Mae Venus Biyo, - Manila, Philippines - e-mail :

Your website has helped me to be familiar with Morecambe since I'll be going there soon. I really like the place the first time I've seen the pictures. I'm a nurse and I'll soon work in one of your health institutions there.

Hello Mae, what a lovely name. You're coming from the Philippines, I have to ask the question 'Why?'. The Philippines always look so beautiful and dreamy. Good luck working in the health Institutions.

Mae, we call health institutions 'Hospital' over here and institutions tend to be recognised for people that's not all there, someone that is mentally challenged... like me!

Adam Inkpin - Brighton UK - e-mail :

You have got a realy good site so far but it needs some work on the pubs side of things. Some pictures and a bit of a description of it would be better just the names and addresses. I foung the station to be a great pub when i was there the staff were realy frendly and it was great for kids with the Play area. Also a map of where things are located would be realy usefull for planning things in advance. Other than that you have a great site keep up the great work.

Hello Adam, We do have a map showing the main areas of the bay (the link is on the front page) and yes, it would be nice to have a photo of each pub with a map pinpointing them and if someone would like to volenteer to do just that I will gladly put them on the site, Thank you for your comments.

Lancashire Lass, - Brantford, Ontario, Canada

I just stumbled onto this website. This is good fun. My cousin is Terry Masheder, barber and hairstylist, in Morecambe. I visited many years ago. Spent many hours on the prom.

No wonder you haven't left your name, Terry has got a lot to answer for. It's ever sinse the time when I asked him 'How much for a crew cut?) he said 2'6" so I said 'That sounds reasonable, come in lads!' I was serving in the Navy at the time and there was 30 of us! Now it doesn't matter what you ask for, A Beetles cut, Punk, Spikey, a Garath, anything, Terry still gives you 'short back and sides'.... Only joking! I've never been in the Navy, and I wouldn't know Terry from Adam, by the way who's Adam? Still, that was fun!

Davey Brown, - Morecambe - e-mail :

Well Bubbles is no longer! The contractors have finally departed and at the moment a travelling fairground is just setting up residence for the season. All sorts of plans for the Midland Hotel (lets wait & see), but the owners have taken a lease on the old Fatty Arbuckles site for the season and intend to have an information centre and themed restaurant there. No Yorkie links at all here! can't be any more sand grown than to be born in Lord Street/Poulton Square. Have a good Easter everybody

Hi Davey, your updates are always welcome, have a good Easter.

Iain Cox, - Nelson, Lancs - e-mail :

Well I must say its been a while since I visited this site ( shame on me!) But I did leave a comment! Anyway, I've been hearing lots of bad things about Morecambe, which isnt unusual! ha ha. But what disturbed me most was the slow and steady demise of Frontierland..over the last three years... Bad karma don't you think.. That place was what made Morecambe Morecambe! Ah well what can ya do! Not alot.. I was curious about 1 thing.. I havnt been back to Morecambe in a long long time, and I was wondering what they've done with the Winter Gardens? They were supposedly giving it an over hawl when I left in '98 and It never seemed like they were ever doing anything.?? Anyway must dash... Ive got a black head to squeeze! Take care, and keep up the fab work on the site!

Hi Iain, Frontierland made money, not Morecambe! The Winter Gardens, well, there's grass and some flowers, not to mention shruberies or the Spanis inquisision, No one expects the Spanish inquisition!

Andrew, - Scotland - e-mail :

I have just opened my Frontierland website and I thought users of the Morecambe site might like to know about it. Thanks for letting me use the photo's Peter and I hope you all enjoy the site.

Frontierland Remembered: The Once Great Theme Park Lives On

Hi Andrew, this link should get your hits up!

John Bower, - Morecambe - e-mail :

The letter from Jim Harvey certainly brought back a few memories of Morecambe in the 50’s and 60’s. The Miss Great Britain contests at the Swimming Stadium, The Aqua Lovelies and the Big Bands etc. although I think that Jim’s memory is slipping a little as Joe Loss used to play at the Central Pier (not the Floral Hall). His band and singers stayed at the Park Hotel when they were in Morecambe which would be around the time that Jim was the cocktail barman there (Harry Hargreaves was the landlord then). The“stars” who appeared at the Winter Gardens seemed to prefer the Clarendon or the Midland. I feel that I should know Jim as the Park and Clarendon cocktail bars were two of my drinking haunts in those days (you could drink after hours with the residents) but I can’t just bring him to mind. Perhaps he’ll jog my memory? I was the one at the end who used to fall off his bar stool at about 2 a.m.

Is there anyone else out there who remembers Morecambe in the late 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s? It really was quite a swinging place to live in those days and packed with holiday makers in the season which started at Whitsun and went on right through until the lights switched off in October. The Glasgow weeks and weekends in July/August and October were particularly hectic. And there was so much to do. Dancing every night at the Central Pier and Floral Hall (and Old Time at the Tower Ballroom and West End Pier). Cinemas? The Tower, Odeon, Plaza, Palladium, Empire, Arcadian and Whitehall. Live shows? The Royalty (rep), Winter Gardens, Central Pier Starlights) and Palace. I’ve probably missed a few - there were so many. And there was always the Super Swimming Stadium to while away those hazy lazy days of summer and watch the Aqua Lovelies (and the Bathing Beauties on Wednesday afternoons - pre womens lib of course). Strange how it never rained in those days isn’t it?

In my younger days we would go to see a movie (film) at least twice a week and always go to the Tower (up in the Gods)on Saturday night regardless of what film was showing. As you got older you would progress to the Floral Hall on Friday nights and the Central Pier on Saturday nights (or vice versa). And the highlight of the week was walking up and down the Promenade on Sunday afternoons between the Arcadian Coffee Lounge and Smiths Milk Bar watching the girls go by. The new fangled espresso bars didn’t appear until later and then Brubecks was the in-place to go(remember Joe Atkinson the owner anyone? or his mother (Mrs.A) who ran it?).

But you know, all you critics and knockers, after all is said and done, Morecambe’s still a very pleasant place to live. I was born in Morecambe and I’m still here after ???? years. I always look forward to coming back to the old home town after I’ve been away on holiday or whatever. So OK I’m just an old stick in the mud but you could do a lot worse you know.

Well, perhaps I’d better pack in now Peter before I get too nostalgic and bore all your younger readers to tears (of laughter? What, no Discos?) but if any of you other wrinklies out there have fond memories of old Morecambe why don’t you write in to Peter’s Morecambe and share them with the rest of us. So come on all you Senior Citizens - don’t let these young upstarts take over the site altogether.

Meanwhile, keep up the good work Peter. I really enjoy logging on to your website and reading all the letters and comments (both good and not so good). More power to your elbow and long may you continue.

Hello John, nostaga is good, it reminds us what life is about and gives us hope. So many changes has happened, not only to the surrounding areas but to peoples attitudes in general and perseptions. People say and do as they wish with no consideration of the consequences and with no respect. And you know what I say to them!.... ****ocks! Few I nearly swor then, thank **** I didn't!

James Harvey, - Belfast, N.Ireland - e-mail :

I lived and worked in Morecambe from 1957 until 1966 as Cocktail Bartender at the Park Hotel,Clarendon Hotel and Kings Arms,during that time i met many interesting people.Top names from the world of show-business were a normal sight in Morecambe in 50s & 60s.The Miss Great Britain Competition at the Super Swimming Stadium each Wed' during the summer plus the Aqua Show always proved a big attraction.

I have many happy memories of those days. Great dances at the Central Pier and sitting in the Balcony Bar of the Floral Hall listening to Joe Loss Band with singers Larry Gretton, Rose Brennan and Russ McManus.

The filming of The ENTERTAINER during 1960 caused great excitement locally, there was very little sleep in all of the Hotels who had Film crews as residents,i shure remember those days and nights.I got married while in Morecambe and both my children were born in the Queen Victoria Hospital, an efficient and caring establishment, sad to see it has now been demolished..I would be delighted to hear from any one who has memories of those days..Good Luck Jim Harvey...

1957 was the year I was born. Elvis was at No.1 in the charts with 'I'm all shook up' which explains a lot!

Mugendadda Adam: - Uganda - e-mail :

I was just referred by a friend about this website. I haven't yet got anything from it thought but I think with time I will have to thankful in anyway.

I would like to pass an ad seeking for pals from any where in the world who would wish to correspond to an African guy (Uganda) Please just be nice, knowing how to write and reallly understanding what it means by being a friend to someone and then write to:, Or you may call on me on telephone no. 256 77567363 and ask for Adam.

I will be glad to hear from you guys. For snail mailers: Mugendadda Adam P.O.Box 14 Kyambogo, Kampala Uganda.

Please see our pen pals page for more people interested in correspondence

Davey Brown - Morecambe - e-mail :

The weathers been so crappy. Not too much happening here. Bubbles site is being tarmacced, Midland Hotel...who knows! and the old Frontierland....well the fence is back up!

Still money must must be being spent on summat cos i see we've got a 9% hike in rates, sorry council tax due.

If Dave Bunting reads this or if anybodys in touch with him....that e_mail addy u gave me didn't work! You trying to tell me summat Bunners?

Davey, your accent is getting worse, az thi sure thiz not a Yorkshire lad like me!

Harry Tyson: - Halifax, West Yorkshire uk - e-mail : h.tyson@tinyworld

I would like to hear from any one who is from halifax or sowerby bridge, in auckland, plese e.mail me.

Hi Harry, I would like to hear from anyone with money they don't need!

Marge Peasnell - Penrith Australia - e-mail :

Hi everyone Hope you all had a good xmas and new year. Keep up the good work peter we all say that Morecambe has the best web site thanks to you. Just had a quick read thorough but will get down to reading some more. Bye for now Marge

Oh Marge, I'm all embarraced 'the best web site' thank you.

James Harvey, - Belfast, N, Ireland - e-mail :

Just discovered the website and i am delighted to share a few memories of yesteryear. During the 50s and 60s i worked in various Hotels including Park, Clarendon and the King's Arms . Afternoons were spent swimming and canoeing in Sandylands pool area, weather permitting and dancing at weekends in the Floral hall and Central Pier. My lasting memory is of a slowly setting Summer sun on a shimmering Morecambe Bay.

Hello James, Now you have no excuse for not visiting this summer, just repair your canoe and get paddling!

me, - the place where hangovers are a part of every day life, heineken land - e-mail : is he?

**** i'm hungover. Peter i cant be topless i dont think my boyfriend would like it..........i want to send my love to tracy flemming and say thanx for the 21st parish church. Peter u still got that poem i sent? if so put it in stories. no 1 to offend u all.think i drunk to uch last night.still always today!

Hi Sue, You mean you have to wear a hat! I don't have the poem any more, when you said remove, I did exactly that. I printed it off, rolled it up into a small tube and tied it with ribbon, then sealed it with red wax with the 'M' stamped on it, placed it in a bottle and launched it towards the Atlantic Ocean, As I could see it bobbing up and down in the sea, almost out of sight, a gull came from nowhere and dive bombed it. Picking it up with both feet and with a massive burst of energy managed to take off again in the direction of Ireland. But a nearby tourist was fishing of the end of a small cliff face and while casting out his line, managed to hook the cork from the bottle top and the scroll dropped out. The gull none the wiser continued towards Ireland but the scroll fell, twisting to the ground. I got in my car and drove to the exact place where I saw it land and surely, there it was. By this time the seal had broke and the scroll had unravelled itself revealing the marvel to the entire world, but wait... water had soaked the paper and the ink had merged the words until the only word that could clearly be seen was Vet, I think the 'i' had smudged too!... So to cut a long story short, please send the poem again and I will happily put it back where it belongs for our readers to enjoy. Cheers Sue.

Ellie, - LONDON, UK - e-mail :

EEEE BY GUM....Just want to say what great websites there are of Morecambe, especially this one. I moved away a year ago and really do miss the place. (Southerners aren't as friendly as you lot, ignorant sods they are!!) I miss the beautiful sights out onto the bay, the lovely sea air and eatin fish, chips 'n' mushy peas on the stone jetty. There's nowt wrong with sunny old Morecambe. I love it anyway. Up there in March, right looking forward to it : ) xxx

Eh, lass, u don't sound broad, much! Tha might almost se thi cum from Yorkshire, ne'er mind Lanc's. Eh 't sea breeze an all, 'tis a sight to be wonder!

Canina2001, - Blackpool uk - e-mail : canina200@aol

Born in Morecambe attended Sandylands primary and Lancaster storeys institute (close 1962) lived thirty years down south, now returned to blackpool. great site. If I can work out what I have to do, I'm going to register. new to internet, all a bit strange!

Hello Canina (where does the name come from?) We're all a bit strange and it's easy to register on the bullletin board just click, write, click and your away, you don't actually have to register to leave messages but it makes it more friendly if you do.

Heikki Kääriäinen, - Australia

I travelled in Australia some 10 years ago. I went to Westpac Bank in Brisbane to exchange some travellers checks. Behind the counter was a nice looking brunette probably with Italian ancestors judging from her name which was Anna Pennisi. I exploded laughing as I am Finnish and her name (Anna Pennisi) means in Finnish: give me your pennies! LOL! I had to explain it to her but obviously she got it wrong from my accent like:"give me your penis"? She did not laugh.

Hello Heikki, you are obviously as sad as the rest of us, you should give your penis to charity!

Jim Brock, - Connecticut

Once upon a time there a chap, who following a divorce became very lonely. And ... continued on the jokes page

Dave Brown, Still in England.......apart from the council - e-mail :

Well folks here we are two weeks into the New Year and things are rather quiet here in Morecambe. Bubbles has been totally demolished and the ground is being prepared for tarmaccing. The fence surrounding the old Frontierland site blew down over the Xmas period to reveal all the ongoing future development.....precisely nowt! It's been announced that the new owners of the Midland Hotel are to spend £8.5million on refurbishment for reopening in the spring of 2003, but seeing that both of them have been barred from being company directors for previous intrangiences i'll hold my breath and wait.

Sorry to sound a bit gloomy about the old towns future, but the views alone,however magnificent won't bring cash into the place.

Take care, more updates soon.


Dave, please send your updates, I like it when someone sits on the fence, Ah so it was you that made it fall over and not the wind!

The one and only - Rottingdam, place where tulips grow - e-mail : yup got 1

Well Hello to everyone.glad to see the site is still good. Peter wat times r u on the chat? long time we chatted.say hello to Caroline n everyone at the site. Hope u r all well Morecambe has been thru a lot of changes over the years the biggest 1 was when i left.. lol........ will be good to see the old place again.9 years in Rotters takes it's toll on a person. will be happy to get back if only fer a fewdays. Thanks fer the site keeps home close @heart. i miss the sunsets over the bay. infact when i come home it's like same peeps propping up the bar like i never been away.take care.xx

Hi Sue, I was over in Rotters just before Chrimbo on a flying visit, I was only there for about 2 hours for a meeting before I had to set off back, but It does look beautiful to me although I didn't get chance to see beyond the surface. I'll try and make the chat next Saturday at 7pm 2nd Feb, but you have to be topless or i'm not playing!

Bruce Spencer - Isleworth, West London, e-mail :

I lived in Heysham during the latter years of my childhood. I remember nettle beer before it became nettle drink, the scales and off course Heysham Head. I went to Balmoral Road Secondary School.

I recall the place being invaded by Glaswegians during their holidays, the Winter Gardens where I appeared in a school production and Colin Crompton's jokes about Morecambe and the the only excitement was watching the only set of traffic lights at Regent Road I think.

I worked at Heysham Harbour as a Catering and then reservation clerk and remember well the ships Duke of Lancaster, Argyll and Rothesay and the first two sailed to Belfast and the latter becoming a Sealink cruise ship when it was taken off as a relief ship.

The last time I visited Morecambe was about two years ago and my wife and I couldn;t believe all the changes that had taken place.

Ah, Bruce, but changes for the better or worse?

Scouter Glenwood, Nfld Canada

Hello everyone. Hope you had a great holiday season and that you are all cured of the self-inflicted wounds and the 26oz. 'flu. It was quiet over the holidays but not so just before or just after.... About 2 yrs ago I heard a radio interview with a transplanted Newfoundlander who was in London (ours, not yours) who was planning to run by dogsled across the island on the old railway line. He was looking for help to I called up to volunteer our services. Last month he called to say that he was on the way at last and that they would stop in for a visit on their way to St. John's. So, for Dec. 17th., 18th. 19th. and 20th. we had Wayne and Cathy, a camper truck, a huge trailer with a 16 kennel unit attached, a freezer with 10001b. of dog food and 18 beautiful huskies on board, as well as three sleds and all the paraphenalia required to run the dogs, parked at the side of our house. Needless to say it was a howling great time.

The dogs were big and beautiful and some could have been mistaken for wolves if someone saw them loose in the woods. It was quite intimidating at first but once we got to know them they were like puppies. Just a bunch of big softies. Every once in a while they would start up with a group howl and keep it up for 3 or 4 minutes. Quite an interesting sound echoing through the town from time to time. I told people if they wanted to complain that they could talk to the new mayor. No one said anything to Janet so it must have been okay. We had Cubs and Scouts, kids, neighbours and strangers dropping in to see what was going on and take pictures.

All the kids volunteered to take a dog if Wayne decided that he had too many and it seemed that they all had a favourite. Wayne and Cathy left on the 20th. and went to stay with family over Christmas and then they hoped to start back in the first week of the new year. I was going to drive the support vehicle and spare dogs and alternate with Cathy as spare sled driver. (No, I have never driven a dog team before but what the heck....Never pass up a chance for an adventure.) Wayne is trying to generate interest in a dogsled race across the island or at least on some section of the T'Railway and make it an annual event.

As a great poet once said... the best laid plans etc. etc. It started to rain on the 22nd. and it rained for a week. We had a green Christmas, lost all the snow and the trip has been postponed. The crew went through here again last week, west bound and they are now back home in Ontario. For two more days we were the center of attraction and the source of a lot of noise. Wayne did get to do some sledding but it was not what they had hoped for. He may be back this year, or next. But he will be back. Our adventure has been put on hold. Got 88 smelt (Family Osmeridae) today and last week 28 smelt and 6 beautiful sea trout through the salt water ice on a bay about 20 minutes from here. Trout (inland waters) season opens on February 1st. and I'm all ready to go. Hope these minus temperatures continue until the end of the month.

We only have about 6 to 8 inches of ice so far. Safe enough to walk on but I'm a little leary about heading out and across on the quad. That's some of the news from the Rock. Santa sent us a new computer and when we get it up and running we may be able to send some pictures (what a scary thought!!) of recent events, including some sunsets on a small bay that may rival Britain's Bonniest. Must go. Got some fish to clean. Thanks to Peter for the site and the space. Take care all. CUL.

You're welcome

Dave Sayre - Gilbert, Arizona, USA - e-mail :

I'm terribly sorry to hear that frontierland has been partially demolished. Does anyone have any photos of the Allan Herschell S16 train that ran there? (Steam outline 1865 train). Thanks!

Sorry Dave, not me, has anyone else got any photo's?

Harry & Anne Laffan (nee) Thistlethwaite - Brisbane, Australia
e-mail :

We lived in Morecambe until 1961, leaving shortly after our marriage, and have returned several times. Morecambe is still as beautiful as ever, and the view across the bay - on a good day, is incomparable.

We both went to Euston Road Secondary Modern School and would love to hear from any old friends. The Morecambe 'site' is one we visit regularly.

You know Harry & Anne, I visit this site regularly too!

Viet - rotters - flatericland - e-mail : got a new 1

Happy New Year n that.

Well another year has passed us by.. where does time go? Like to say cheers Peter i been coming to this website ages now.. i remember the early days on the chat line...... Lot of things i wanna say but walls have ears... this past year has been some what wearing but i have always had Morecambe site to visit.. but i'm deffo gonner be ther in person this year..

Nice 1.

Happy New Year Sue, Wall's have sausages, from small chipolata to big frankfurters!

The years do seem to pass quicker and everyone's still paying for Christmas 3 years ago and still playing catch-up! Let's hope everyone has a positive year with plenty of cheer!

Andrew, - Edinburgh - Scotland - e-mail :

Happy New Year to all at Morecambe and the site. Well, that's Bubbles completely gone and I have some pictures of it which I will put on the net or send them to you Peter. I am doing my Frontierland site just now but finding time is not an easy thing just now for me. What next to go in Morecambe.... My money's on the Midland....


Frontierland Remembered: The Once Great Theme Park Lives On

H.N.Y. Hmmm Frontierland 'Great' now Andrew have you been drinking? We used to have so many complaints to this site, saying that the rides were old fashioned and run down and certain areas stank of urine and that people went home feeling disappointed and ripped off!... In the early days I would agree that in its day it was 'G' but not when they closed it down. Many people have good memories of Frontierland and I'm sure your site will bring them flooding back. Good look to its replacement the Freeport shopping complex in the future.

I'll take that bet on the Midland because the New Management are making refurbishments and planning to re-open later this year and I really hope they succeed because the Midland is such an amazing building.

Send as many photo's as you like, they're more than welcome.

Jim Brock, - Cheshire, Connecticut, USA - e-mail :

I am writing this at 5.40 pm in Cheshire, Connecticut,on December 31. As I write, the New Year's festivities in Morecambe will be in full swing. Ours will follow 5 hours behind yours. To all of you in Morecambe, I will be thinking of you and particularly of those many friends from 40 years ago who I used to celebrate New Year with when I still lived by the Bay.

Directly and indirecty through this site, I have made contact with several of those people who I grew up with. The E-mails I have exchanged with them have been a great experience and will continue to be so in the coming year. I thank whoever set up the Morecambe site for allowing this to happen.

As you are in the middle of your festivities I will reminisce regarding how New Year was celebrated in the early 60's by my Morecambrian group. It was pretty straight forward. We would meet at Brubecks at about 7:00 pm, get an espresso coffee from Mrs Atkinson, gossip and flirt for an hour, and then head out to Central Pier to dance till the wee hours to Alvin and Harold Graham. Sounds a bit pathetic, but I used to think that nowhere else in the world could anybody have had such a great time. Such might be written off as the naivety of a then young Hest Bank villager who knew nothing of the world. However, now I have seen much of the world, and yet those Morecambe Central Pier festivities still are to me the best of the New Years celebrations I have had. Perhaps that was because I was surrounded by so many close and young Morecambe friends with at that time an eternity of New Years to look forward to. It is kind of sad to realize that both Brubecks and the Central Pier have gone and that all that is left is great memories.

I note that in one of your recent letters, Don Carter had tried to E-mail me. I hope he tries again even thogh I cannot put a face to his name. (The neurons are going, you know!)

To all Morecambrians, and ex-Morecambrians who might read this, I wish you the very happiest of New Years and the most prosperous and healthy times in 2002.

Warmest regards from Connecticut ..... Jim

Well Cheers Jim, this site is unfortunately/fortunately all my fault! Some people think I'm mad for giving up so much time to the site but comments like yours make it all worth it. Glad you caught up with some old friends, perhaps 2002 will reunite some new ones!

Dave Brown, - Morecambe - e-mail :

Well it's the end of another year here in Morecambe. The question is "are we moving forward or backwards" as a holiday resort. I'm afraid the answer as to be "No" despite the ravings of the publicity department. Bubbles, whether you love it or loathe it is now a pile of mangled metal and rubble, Festivals are being lost. What's happening with the old Frontierland site?'s gone very very quiet. We all know the halycon days of the 50's and 60's will never return to Morecambe but I for one would hate to see it sink any further.

Wishing you all the very best for 2002 .....and lets try to keep this site buzzing. For whoever asked I'm 58 in February and went to the National School in Poulton Square followed by Morecambe Grammar School.

Click HERE if you would like to see comments from the 2001 visitors book. There are some very interesting and wacky comments and it's well worth a look. You may even meet up with some old friends!