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Their Names in Lights !


1949 - 1996

After many illuminating years, it was decided to cancel the lights in Morecambe because we simply could not compete with Blackpool just down the road. We now place all the resources into events throughout the season to help generate more tourists. Let's face it, you can have a lot more fun watching a live act, group, comedian or street performer than watching some light bulbs go on and off! ...can't you!

1949 Wilfred Pickles

1950 George Formby (Leaning on a lamp post at the corner of the Street)

1951 Jack Train

1952 Janette Scott

1953 The Lyon Family (Babe, Ben, Barbara and Richard)

1954 Jean Kent

1955 Roland Emmett

1956 The Archers (Dan and Doris)

1957 Derek Ibbotson

1958 Sir Bernard and Lady Docker

1959 Ingemar Johansscn (World Heavyweight Champion (I could have took him!))

1960 Albert Modley

1961 Stirling Moss

1962 Steptoe and Son" (Harry H Corbett and Wilfred Bramble)

1963 Mr Acker Bilk

1964 Jimmy Savile (Cigar in hand!)

1965 Roger Moore (The name's Bond, James Bond)

1966 Stratford Johns

1967 Bill Simpson and Andrew Cruickshank (Dr Finlay and Dr Cameron)

1968 Simon Dcc

1969 Morecambe and Wise (What do you think of the lights so far?........)

1970 Bruce Forsyth (Good game, good game!)

1971 Patrick Allen (who!)

1972 "The Goodies" (Tim Brook Taylor, Bill Oddie and Graham Garden)

1973 Ronnie Corbett (All good things come in small packages!)

1974 Michael Parkinson and the Wombles (unusuable conbination!)

1975 Morecambe and Wise (.......RUBBISH!)

1976 Pete Murray (we must have been desparate this year!)

1977 The Liver Birds (Nerys Hughes and Elizabeth Estensen)

1978 Bill Maynard (Very smart!)

1979 Angela Rippon complete with legs!

1980 Isla St. Clair

1981 John Noakes (Now he's mad!)

1982 Frankie Vaughan

1983 Gloria Hunniford

1984 Debbie Greenwood (Cor, now she is a 'Beauty Queen')

1985 Henry Wilks and Amos Brearly

1986 Rod Hull and Emu (He was always falling over! (sad loss))

1987 Anita Dobson (Angie - Eastenders and Queen Vic and Brian from Queen!)

1988 Eddie Edwards (I don't know how he could see through those glasses, never mind jump!)

1989 Bruce Grobbelar (Butter fingers!)

1990 Jack and Vera Duckworth (Aey!)

1991 Thora Hird and Helen Worth

1992 Richie Richardson

1993 Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby

1994 Noel Edmonds (Where's Blobby?)

1995 Andi Peters and Emma Forbes

1996 Reg Holdsworth (One can short of a supermarket!)