Thanks for visiting the online community for Morecambe.
If you are seeing this message then below is the old Morecambe website.
This will be under construction for the next few months so do check back and keep an eye on our homepage for the latest changes.

Volunteers Needed

Do you live in Morecambe?

Do you LOVE Morecambe?

If the answers are Yes, then this website needs your help...

I am looking for people with imagination and enthusiasm to help me
develop this site from a locals point of view. Updating news items and photographs
of the towns development along with anything else of interest to readers.
It could even be helping to find lost friends on the Search page... Literally anything!

Whether it's weekly, monthly or occasional, all contributions are welcome.

Schools are welcome to set up your own kids/students corners -
Teach your students how to create web pages and upload them to the site.
Get them into 'Blogs'.


Requirements: You must be able to create web pages and upload them to the website.

Please email

peter at

and tell me how you can help and what you would like to add to the site