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The gift of life

My Grandson
Denise Issott

My Grandson (part 1)......part 2

It would have been I should think one afternoon in September 1996 when your Mummy came to see me carrying her good news. I remember that I had been busy in the kitchen, I can't remember doing what, when she came I welcomed her in and began to make her a mug of tea.

As I carried the tea in to her she laid a small white plastic tube 'thingy' on the dining room table and said, "look at that" pointing to it. Absent minded I picked it up and replied "Oh yes" and put it down again. "Look at it then Mum" she said again. "I have looked at it Anne", I sighed, I must admit that I didn't know what it was and wished to get on with whatever it was I was seeing to in the kitchen.

"What is it anyway"? I asked. "It's positive", was your Mummy's answer. I went quiet as her statement sunk in, I ran into the dining room from the kitchen and snatched the little white tube off the table and sat down. "Oh my God" I shouted, it's a pregnancy test and it's positive, POSITIVE". Your Mummy cried out "YES" and gave me a wonderful broad smile.

I sat there crying, gazing in disbelieve at the blue slender line showing up vividly against the white plastic container casing. I ran around the table to give your Mummy a great big hug, I told her well done, and that I loved her for ever and always, that's also when I first began to love you.

I then started to ask all the questions that Mums ask, like "When is baby due, when will you go to the doctors, what did your Daddy say, do you feel sick, you will have to take things a bit easy". Your Mummy and Daddy have wanted you for a long time, there was lots of joy and happiness to know that you are on the way at last.

Your Mummy and I sat and talked and drank tea, whilst eating Crunchies and Milky Ways until your Granddad came home from work, when he came in we told him the good news, he smiled at us especially your Mummy, with his lopsided grin and his eyes twinkled.

He gave your Mummy a hug and asked her all the questions I had asked all over again. Well that was it, out to the shops, every time I went shopping for the weekly groceries, I came home with, nappies, bottles, sleepsuits, soap, towels, shampoo, everything that I thought your Mummy would need once you were born and she brought you home.

Your Mummy was always in Mother Care looking around at baby clothes, maternity clothes, pram's and anything else that caught her eye. I am sure that some people must have thought that she perhaps worked in there.

Christmas was coming so I bought you some Christmas presents, some cuddly toys, a bunny rabbit, clothes, a grey seal with it's baby, teddy bear, and a musical Peter Rabbit mobile for over your cot. Your presents took there place under the Christmas tree and your Mummy and Daddy opened them for you on Christmas Day. They are here in the nursery waiting for you.

Your Granddad and I did not buy each other a Christmas present, instead we both put our money to and bought a video camera, so when you arrive we can take lots of pictures of you, won't that be fun?

Your Mummy and Daddy began to strip off the middle bedroom wallpaper, so it could be made into a nursery for you. Every time I saw your Mummy I had to look at her tummy, first from the front and then from both sides, so that I could watch you grow.

When we went to buy your pram, Daddy took us in the car to Linclon. Your Mummy saw just the pram she wanted in Mothercare, but just in case there was a better one in the Co-op she decided to look there too. Of course after walking all the way there and all around the shop your Mummy didn't like them anyway. Your Daddy was getting a bit fed up by now, grown men don't take to shopping much, which you will find out if your a boy. Anyway back to Mothercare we go, only to find out the pram that your Mummy wanted had just been sold. She was so disappointed, but not to be outdone, your Daddy drove us back to Newark and we bought you a spiffing pram from there. It is all covered up with a sheet in one of the bedrooms at my house, it will go to your house once you have been born.

End of part one

My Grandson (part 2)

Meanwhile work was continuing in your nursery, we don't know if you are going to be a little boy or a little girl so you have a lemon and green wallpaper, with a border made up of all kinds of assortments of farm animals. Your bedroom curtains and lampshade match perfectly. You have a beige carpet, a green cot, sounds horrid a green cot, but it really is very nice. A Moses basket that your Aunty Debbie has bought you - a pine swinging crib with white lace drapes.

Loads of toys, even a rocking horse, lucky you. You have a wall clock that has a little rocking horse on the pendulum which moves with the momentum of the clock, also teddy bear pictures on the wall, but still we needed more.

So, off you Mummy and I go to Peterborough to get you all the other things you will need. I had a little Fiesta car then and a friend of mine called Anne came with us. The car was packed inside to the roof, the boot was overflowing, your Mummy sat on the back seat with her knee's under her chin, there was hardly and room for her to sit. Anne sat in the passenger seat next to me with your layette box and buckets at her feet and your potty in her lap. I remember we laughed a lot and shopped till we nearly dropped.

After we had unloaded the car your Mummy had to get your cot put up and everything put in its place, she even put the bedding in the cots.

Now we just need you. Your Mummy bought me a cot to have at my house for when you stay with Nanna, I also have a room ready and waiting for you. I have white sheet's, blankets, a bumper set and duvet in white cotton lace that your mummy brought for me. I am so exited waiting for your arrival.

Your Mummy brought round your ultra sound pictures for me to see. I have enclosed a photocopy of them in this folder so that you can look at them also, you can see what you looked like before you were even born. Your Mummy has also given Aunty Debbie some copies, all the family has seen them, so has everyone at your Mummy's work and at my work too. So in fact you have become quite a celebrity.

Your Aunty Debbie has bought you some lovely 'designer' clothes, you will look very posh in those, she is so looking forward to your arrival and is talking about buying you a pony arlready.Aunty Debbie is to be your godmother when you are christened.

I have rang up your Great Great Aunty Denise, she lives in London with Uncle John, and to all your great Aunt's and Uncles' that live in Morecambe which is where Nanna comes from. I rang to tell them all that you were on the way. Great Aunty Eunice cried with expectation.

In Newark, where you will live there are even more great Aunts and Uncle's. Loads of relatives, but I wont name them all now as I think you would be a bit fed up by the time I had finished, I know I would.But they are all eagerly awaiting your arrival.

Your Mummy is getting quite large now, so you must be growing a lot bigger. I remember the first time that your Mummy told me that she had felt you moving inside her I was so happy for her, but now if I hold my hand to your Mummy's tummy when you are doing a war dance I can feel you moving too. I cant believe that my baby is going to have a baby herself, I bet when I get up to you if you cry in the night I will believe it.

Your Mummy has been very well whilst she has been carrying you, she has worked all the time and had no sickness, or time off. She has had no morning sickness and has not put on any excess weight, although her tummy is nicely rounded, I think perhaps you will be a bonny bouncing baby, (That's what Nanna's call well made babies). She looks fit and well, although with your arrival being so near she tends to gets a bit tired now and then. Also your Mummy has been very happy and cheerful whilst having you therefore you are sure to be a happy and contented baby, I hope!

Your mummy has only six weeks left to go as you are due to arrive on the 30th of May, unless you decide to come and see us earlier, Your nursery is ready and waiting for you.