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Luxury Bed of our Dreams!
A bedtime story with a well sprung mattress and silk sheets. By Ped

Sleeping never used to be a problem but now I can’t have a good night’s sleep, because I have the same nightmare every night.

How can you dream the same dream, night after night? And why do I wake up in a cold sweat?

Things in my life are great at the moment but as soon as I settle down for forty winks, my subconscious mind turns my virtual dream world in to a living hell. No sooner have I shut my eyes that the bills come in: Credit cards, bank statements, loans, mortgage arrears bailiffs serving CCJs (County Court Judgements to the unaffiliated) and I have no money to pay them. It crushes me!

I’ve never experienced debt but it must be praying on my mind because when I lay on the Bed and the Mattress forms to my body, money problems start coming at me from all corners of the bed and I burry my head under the pillow.

Why can’t I have adventures in my sleep where I save the world, you know the type of thing, you’re in a queue at the bank and there’s a man with a shot gun, he screams for everyone to lay down on the floor while they gesture to the cashier to empty all the money out of the cash register into the bag. Then some how you manage to loop your foot around the base of a chair and flick it with force at the bank robber, it knocks the gun out of the robbers hand and into yours. You spring to your feet and take control of the situation. The robber is put behind bars; you are given a £100,000 reward and acclaimed a hero.

Or you’re Indiana Jones and the giant boulder is rolling behind you, trip wires at your feet and poisoned darts coming at you from each side with an axe swinging just in front of you. Somehow you rescue the artefact, make love to the girl and still have time to relax with a vintage bottle of wine an open log fire and make love on a sheepskin rug.

But no, I get into bed, into my brand new bed on my brand new mattress with foam top and dream of debt. More and more bills come weigh me down and I can’t afford to pay them off so I consider robbing a bank to get the money, which is the exact opposite to what I want to dream about. Perhaps it is my bed, perhaps I should get rid of my new bed and retrieve my old bed which dips at one side and some of the springs poke out and stab you whilst you’re sleeping.

But now I have so little sleep that I start to fall asleep at work and I don’t want to get sacked I just want a decent nights sleep in the sack! Bed, bed, bed, bed, bed, bed, bed, that’s all I dream about, sliding under the covers that are so tight, it pins you to the mattress so you can hardly move, but then nightmare’s begin.

What do I have to do to stop this recurring dream? Why can’t I have dreams about sex, where every girl wants me and I’m the greatest in bed? You’re the biggest, you’re the best, no-one can compare to you. I know dream on… but why?

She’s stands over me and begins to lower the straps of her dress over her soft silk-like shoulders to reveal her beautifully shaped…….. What! What? What? Mum it’s you. Mum, I’ve been having that nightmare again! ‘Come on son, get out of bed it’s time for work!’

Dreaming about having nightmares, whatever next!

Single, double, kingsize or superking whatever bed you sleep in, make sure you get a good night’s sleep.

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Luxury Bed
of our Dreams