A Result A Found Missing Link!

I had a Email from one of your ladies looking for a Lost Friend in Australia - Possibly Tasmania - She saw my message on the board & decided to try me - Bingo - After about 6 Phone calls -Her Lost Friend Carol Ann was found-within 24 hours & after 18 years they are now in touch with each other. I was so lucky - she lived in our telephone area - I am still on a high - to think I could help someone.

Brenda Ryan

Hello Brenda

Your efforts are very much appreciated in finding Carol Ann.

It makes us feel good to know that our website has been a contact point in the search so you must feel ecstatic.

Remember this: Although you were contacted in the hope of finding Carol, it was your choice to spend some of your valuable time and effort in finding her, you could have just not bothered! So once again thank you.

18 years is a long time to be apart, can you imagine their excitement in your findings. I bet the lady (Elaine) who contacted you spent a few hours crying with delight after you contacted her with the news.

I hope the site generates news for you with your search.

Thank you for your time and thank you for being a special person who cares.

Best Regards