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Photo's From Stella and Hubby      

I have just returned from a trip to Morecambe. My husband and I really enjoyed ourselves and cannot understand the many negative comments about your town. I have travelled all over the world, and I can honestly say, I have never met such pleasant and helpful local people....

Barrie Marshall

I took these photo's of the some years ago in a rather good Morecambe sunset.

Moby Dick

The West End Pier from the Stone Jetty in stormy weather, you can see a boat moored at the old oil jetty at Heysham

West End Boating Pool

Sea View Parade taken from the steps of my fathers hotel

Stormy sea in front of the band arena from the Stone Jetty

Various Morecambe pictures taken last year. The first shows the Altlantic Hotel, and my grandparent's house Lovelyview (another ex - hotel) on Sandylands prom. I spent all my childhood summers there and still dream about it!

I notice that one taken on the Central prom has the same boats in it as a picture above - jolly colours!

Just recently I started buying 50's and 60's postcards off ebay, all very nostalgic. Even saw one with the Guiness clock on it but got outbid - I'd hang around for ages waiting for the next show.

The pics of the empty prom are very sad - I remeber pushing through the teeming hoardes while looking for "Chalky White" from the Daily Express (or was it the Mirror?)!

Dave Woods

You can take away The Marina, Moby Dick, The Pier, Frontierland and Bubbles but the beautiful sunsets are ours forever! - Peter Terry

All of these were taken on or around Sandylands Promenade, and are looking out over the pool, and the beach to the right of it leading up to The Battery. - Phil Irwin

The sunset over the bay from the broadway hotel the most viberant and vivid colours i have ever seen over the bay there are a lot more pictures out there like this as people were snapping all the way down the prom thought i would share mine with you - Craig Sherrington

8 pictures from Jim Brock, ex-Morecambrian and now resident of Cheshire, Connecticut. Taken during his recent visit to Morecambe, my old home town. It was the first time I had visited for 37 years.

Clock on promenade in dire need of new faces

Back of Midland Hotel severely vandalized

Midland Hotel, a depressing eyesore.

The West End promenade (Alas Morecambe)

The Harbor Bandstand with no Harold Graham

Our old haunt, Brubecks used to be here, now a solicitor's office.

The best view in town.

Dinner at the Elms Hotel with old friends and their spouses meeting for the first time in 40 years. Second from left Marilyn Winstanley, center Jim Brock, and at right Alan Barton, all originally from Hest Bank.

IAN MORSMAN (shots club photographer)

Just a few photos from the shrimps game

craig gunsul - walla walla, WA, USA

In august while traveling from Somerset to Edinburgh we more-or-less stumbled onto Morecambe and stayed overnight. I rather like this picture I took there. Can you identify the birds for me?

Craig Sherrington

These are pictures of morecambe bay from the car park next to the life boat station and the sky in the bay that night too.

Hesham - Henry Higgins, Greeneville, TN USA

Just come across and old colour transparency I took in the Rose Gardens at Heysham Head (circa 1950's?). The colours are not too good but it may bring back a few happy memories to those of you who can remember the old Head in its heyday. Regards to all - John (Bower)

Peter, you asked for pictures! These are salt water ice, smelt and sunset. A great way to finish off the day. Taken at Norris Arm North, Newfoundland & Labrador.
From: Dave Shaw...
hmmm looks a bit like Morecambe!

Brass Band - Heysham Village
Golden Jubilee Weekend - June 2002

Lune Valley Jazz Band
Golden Jubilee Weekend in Heysham Village - June 2002


Main Street - Heysham Village
Golden Jubilee Weekend - June 2002

I found this old photograph in my mother's things and was trying to identify the people shown in it (on the reverse side is written "Reggie and his Father"). Not being familiar with your area (I am from Kansas in the USA) I looked on the internet and saw your web page and the suggestion that any photographs be sent to you. Maybe you can use it. I have no idea of when it was taken but assume it may have been in the 1930's or '40's.


This photo was taken on the old jetty in 1938. Cousins visiting each other. I am the one on the bottom right - a real cutie!! We used to visit the family most years and I could always be found on the penny slot machines. The cousins still live in Morecambe. For a treat, the owner of some ponies used to let me ride them from the beach to a field in Westgate. Was in Morecambe again this year and really enjoyed myself. The steps to the beach from the jetty are no longer there.


Isabel, if you get time please scan the photo again at a better quality and re-send it , it would look better with more clarity, thanks

Dermot Mccann, -


On a sunny Sunday in the summer of 1962, I took this picture of my wife and daughter both named, Marie, on board the Moby Dick. Note the Winter Gardens at top right of the picture.

At the time I was cocktail bartender at the Park Hotel and Marie worked at the Clarendon Hotel. My daughter was born at the Queen Victoria Hospital.

We now live in Belfast where my wife is a boutique manageress, and my daughter is a nursing sister in the cardiac department of the Royal Victoria Hospital. I am involved in the music business and a member of the Ulster Society of Magicians. We are regular visitors to Morecambe.

Jim Brock -

"Happy Days at the Central Pier in 1960" It shows left to right Brian Hayhirst (Lancaster), Tubby and girl friend (Hest Bank), Jim Brock (Hest Bank), Susan Butterworth (Morecambe), Dave Newton (Carnforth), and I forget (Lancaster)

Left to right Jim Brock pouring beer into Alan Barton on Morecambe promenade at end of Northumberland Street in summer of 1960. Central Pier can be seen at top right.

Pauline Parkman -

This picture of the Tower Ballroom Band. It is of particular interest to me as my Dad, Frank Burge played piano in the band.

I came across this photo recently, and thought it was of interest. It was taken in 1960 ish, from somewhere near the old central pier. The interesting part is that Moby Dick is in the background

Peter Hornby - email:

I came across one or two photo's of the last
"It's a knockout" team that Morecambe had,
and I thought you might like to see them.

by Martin Barnes


Hi there, Here are a few postcards picked up on our local flee market. I hope they jog your memories of days long ago.
Keep sending your pictures,
I love 'em!
Regards Keith

Happy Mount Pak

Thought you might be interested with this poscard from 1951. It is taken from the right hand side of the main path looking towards the back gate in Happy Mount Park. Oh those back breaking days digging the flower and shrub beds over. I have a few more if you are interested.

Also some of the readers have been asking about:

.Cravens Cafe.. Nettle Beer
(on both pics larger photographs shows more information!)


Keith Robertshaw


I live in Liege, Belgium (nobody's perfect) but I sometimes go to Morecambe, my wife has family in England and some in Heysham.

We do really love Morecambe.

These are some pictures, taken last year in november.

There is one from Heysham.

Thanks. Hope to go back very soon


Pictures showing Morecambe, Heysham and the now closed down Frontierland

Picture from Paul Bould

Rainbow over Morecambe Bay
by Tim Pace

The little boy in the photo is my son Kieran taken a few weeks ago, that new play area for the children is great and I think his thumbs up says it all.
Dave Seymour, Morecambe

The big boy in this photo is of our very own Eric
also taken by Dave

What a wonderful city and place to visit. Thank you.

Same day... what a difference a few hours make.

Howdy there! I'm Louis Lloyd-Judson, a regular visitor to your site. (I've signed the guest book.) Yes you have!I've found some photographs of Morecambe, scanned them in. The photo graphs show Morecambe before the sea defence. The photo's were taken around 1990 when we owned the snack bar in front of the golf club. You can see the snack bar in one of the photos, it's tied to our Land Rover to stop it from floating away! Some of the waves reached the height of the lamp post! The day these photos were taken was also the day the a BBC news van came to take pictures - and Morecambe appeared on North West Tonight with a clip about five seconds long... nngh.

The photo's were taken by my step Dad, Bryan Johnstone. There's also a fairly recent photograph of a sunset over Morecambe Bay.

I'm a student at Morecambe High 6th form, and I actually live in Lancaster - only by 100 yards though! All the best, Louis-~

PS. I'm going to draw some pictures for the art gallery! (Or you could nab

Yes please Louis we could do with some for the art gallery and thanks for your photo's.

Please send your photo's to photos at with a brief description of where and what's going on.