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Before your journey begins, think about insurance!

Life is full of risks, we simply cannot afford to be without insurance.

Insurance is so important; Life is full of risks so we simply cannot afford to be without it. Make sure you always shop around for the best prices because you can save money in doing so.

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Travel Insurance
You will be amazed exactly how many items are stolen, lost or damaged when you go on holiday. Just think what you carry around with you; camera, video, jewellery, money etc. add it all together and I bet you are into a few thousand pounds. Plus who’s to say you might fall ill or break a limb or two, if you are in a country that charges for medial treatment it can cost a small fortune.

Life Insurance
Life Insurance is very important because once you are gone, ‘you’re gone’!
You need to make sure your family are protected for when your time’s up. You really don’t want them worrying about bills and being thrown out on the street do you? Make sure you get the right kind of cover for your needs so that in any event, you can rest assured that your family can live the lifestyle you want them too. Knowing you are insured also helps reduce the stress in your life.

Home Insurance
Make sure you are protected from burglars, accidental damage and general act of God. There is nothing worse than having to pay out thousands of pounds to buy new things or put things right, when for relatively small amounts you can feel safe in your bed and sleep easier at night. Life has enough pressures without worrying about your home falling to pieces around you. Look at all the people that are put up in hotels whilst their home is being repaired after a flood or burst pipe…. You know it makes sense!

Car Insurance
The problem today is that if you bump into the back of someone and the damage to the cars is barely visible and can be put right for £100 (that’s both cars) The chances are the people in the car you hit (slightly touched) will all put in a personal claim and they will all receive £1,500 to £2,000 in compensation. There will be nothing wrong with them, yet they go to the hospital and waste everyone’s time.

The doctors aren’t stupid, they know that people are out for easy money but the private doctors who examine them all get paid too so everyone makes money out of your tiny shunt. They have probably been more shuck-up driving over some of the bumps in the road and it is not right!

The law should be changed to stops wasting everyone’s time and false medical claims should be scrapped and an ‘inconvenience’ claim should take its place. So you have a small bump and the insurance pays the £100 to fix the cars and then pay out £2,000 for the inconvenience of being hit… Simple, honest and timesaving!

So the upshot is, make sure you are fully covered with insurance because you never know when you will need it!