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The following photographs of Heysham village supplied to us by Alan Kenyon were taken by his late brother, Bob Kenyon, who passed away in January 1999.

More about the History of the Historic Chapel

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Alan wrote...
It would be nice if you could use, and acknowledge, my brother's work, he was an avid
amateur photographer and would have liked to make a career of it.

The area of St Peter's church in the village is of special interest to my family. I was married
there in 1968, my eldest daughter was christened there, and my late father was a supervisor
with the Manpower Services Commission engaged on the restoration of the area of St. Patrick's
Chapel. As a child, growing up in Higher Heysham, I can remember playing around the area
of the barrows and in the old Heysham Head. As a special treat, we sometimes used to get
nettle beer in Main Street. Do they still make it?


Alan Kenyon

Bob's talents as a photographer are quite clear, he has captured the atmosphere and history of
St. Patrick's Church for everyone to enjoy.

Our heart felt condolences to the family he has left behind.